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Video of End The Red Rally at Federal Reserve Bank Boston

Here is some video from the Occupy Fed Rally at Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

2 votes Recruitment Cards

With thousands of groups dedicated to showing their support on the streets these are great to have in your pocket if you are in an active community yourself.

Get off Youtube and forums where you are just preaching to the choir. Get involved with spreading Dr. Paul's message to people who might not have been made aware. Help more people have their "Ron Paul Moment".

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Ron Paul recruitment cards

There are thousands of groups dedicated to getting people involved in showing their support for Dr. Ron Paul. Get off the websites preaching to the choir. Get out there and spread his message to people who may have not yet heard it. These cards are great for if you meet someone interested in Ron Paul to guide them to a community where they can become more active in this revolution!


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Gathering Des Moines (Again!), Iowa Ron Paul Meetups - Thursday, Oct. 6th

The meet-up was a great success, and we only had 7 people! Doing this again while I'm in Des Moines, this time with more notice and a conference room.

The goal out here is to identify precinct leaders for the Caucus and connect them with the official campaign. This will be the most productive use of the Grassroots (in addition to what ever other projects people want to work on, every effort is valuable!).


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Let's form some street teams before Dr. Paul's 09.26 event at Webster Hall in NYC

Hey Guys-

Someone over at the NYC4RonPaul MeetUp group posted a message about getting some sign to wave at the 09.26.2011 Ron Paul event at Webster Hall in NYC. I have exactly 100 signs in my private stash right now that I have been saving for the right time.

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Any DPers in Honolulu?

Just curious if any Daily Paulers are in Honolulu. I'll be in Waikiki by myself for the next 3 weeks (vacation and fact-finding mission of sorts). Thinking about moving here in the next couple of years and was curious if the movement has spread here, too. Hit me back!

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Need Grassroots/Beginner Advice-Wiregrass Area/Alabama

Looking for advice on the best way to help. I've filled out the volunteer form on the RP2012 website twice, but have yet to hear from the official campaign. (I'm assuming their directing the majority of their efforts at the early primary states.)

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Question for meetup groups

Hello, everyone,
Recently a meetup group was created closer than the previous one. I joined because it was possible for me to attend it because of the closer proximity. I was thinking of starting my own but for now put that on hold.

Anyways my question mostly pertains to resource allocation. What is the best way(s) to spend money and what is the best way to use labor in the most efficient way. This is a new meetup group that has had one meeting (I did not attend; i was not aware of it's existence). I would like to pool the resources of the group to accomplish two goals.

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Comprehensive List of All Meetups- What Works? What Doesn't Work?

Hey Guys!

I want to set up a comprehensive list of all the meetup groups for RP. I want to create an environment where we can learn from each others ideas and create the best grassroots platform solely to get the greatest statesmen in history elected as president.

Please list your meetup group and what you guys are doing to get RP elected.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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Breakfast with Dr.Paul - Sept 8th, post debate in SoCal

I reserved a seat for myself at the breakfast event to meet dr. paul in person! figure the debate tickets are next to impossible to get, and the crowds at the la convention center for ca gop will be too dense!

i'm so excited to meet him in person and shake his hand :)

is anyone else going?

can i bring my own big camera and have someone take my picture with him?

should i wear a ron paul shirt or a suit?

can i bring a copy of my Revolution for him to sign, or is that crass?

it feels like prom for me lol.

here's the link to reserve your seat!

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New Ron Paul Meetup Group Formed in Berkshire County MA

A new meetup group has been formed in Berkshire County in Massachusetts. This traditionally pro-peace liberal area of the country is a perfect place to spread Dr. Paul's message of peace and friendship with other nations. We are looking to hit the ground running and get the word out. There are many Ron Paul supporters in this beautiful area and I need your help in spreading the work about this new venture. The Berkshires are a unique place filled with a rich history of self reliance and a strong local economy.

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I just hosted my first meetup, amazing!

It was our first monthly meetup in over a year, it was amazing!

I've been hosting private invite only meetings almost weekly with a group of about 8 libertarians now for about three years, it's been so invaluable to each of us that I hope to encourage others to try to host a semi-weekly Ron Paul hang out as well, I just pick up some drinks and snacks to share, and I have youtube handy for video sharing and music playing. To get an idea of what we've been doing, here's a video we shot and edited from one of our Friday's:

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Starting a Massachusetts Ron Paul Meetup group

I live in North Reading MA. I want to get together with other people nearby that like Ron Paul and want to help him. I suggest that we have some casual meetings to come up with ideas, make signs and stuff. I volunteer for the campaign HQ in Concord NH and would be happy to carpool with others up there to work on the phone bank for a couple hours a week.
Ian Griffin

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Tipping the Fulcrum: Time and Focus

In any campaign, the most valuable resource you have is time. People think it is money, but you can always find some money or a way of working around problems. We have all been extremely creative, and this whole campaign is a testament that there is more than one way to run for office. For instance, it was the grassroots that made the campaign become really popular rather than the other way around, and this shows that we can be adaptable. This is great.

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