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Viral video for the young guns of the Ron Paul Revolution!!!


"This madness! This malfeasance being conducted in our nation's and our children's names must cease!" - Humboldt Lagoon

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Want to promote the moneybomb ? Let´s share our ideas and promote it together!

My ideas.

1.Invite all of your facebook friends for the aug 20th moneybomb now!



2. There are ton of Ron Paul related facebook groups, post add there.

You can find some of those groups here.!!!

3. There are ton of Ron Paul related youtube videos and ton of channels which are friendly to Ron Paul, post info there.

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In Defense of Ron Paul - New Book! written by the grassroots

I got this book idea after reading the latest smear article which to me really brings together most of all the "cards" the establishment has against Paul at this point:

This is my book idea after reading the nearly unanimous comments in favor of Ron Paul.

Title: In Defense of Ron Paul
By: The Grassroots
Edited by Tom Woods and Lew Rockwell (just my opinion)


1. Expose the Establishment's attack patterns and tactics used against Ron Paul and the Liberty movement he Represents.

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Deep and Broad

How are you broadening Ron Paul's deep support?

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Paul Ad Plays Like Action Movie Trailer (From KXAN In Austin, TX)



From Austin, Texas's KXAN News (of NBC).

I saw the video during the 6 PM news cast and I was shocked because they never gave any time for him. This week and last week it was all about Rick Perry. This is the most I've ever seen on the local Austin news talking about Ron Paul. Awesome!

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Second time’s the charm as Paul learns from ‘08 bid

Second time’s the charm as Paul learns from ‘08 bid

While other candidates are dominating headlines in the Republican presidential campaign, Ron Paul is quietly commanding a campaign that’s showing a level of maturity in fundraising and performance that was lacking four years ago.

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Santorum on Levin's show jabbing at Ron Paul

Just got through listening to Mark Levin's guest, Rick "4th Place in the straw poll" Santorum, giving his views. But much of the 6-8 minute interview was spent beating up on Ron's foreign policy. Mark asserts that From Goldwater to Reagan, no conservative has ever had the foreign policy of a Ron Paul. He goes on to say that Paul does not push for a strong national security. Santorum wondered about what books Ron has read concerning the attitudes of our "enemy" and the reasons that hate the U.S.

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Jordan Page: The Light of Revolution

Uploaded by AdamVsTheManRT
A live performance of "The Light of Revolution" by Jordan Page.

Jordan Page 's music is about to get major exposure! Let's help by visiting the itunes page and getting a song or two!

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The Launching of RevoluTimes

An ambitious project to challenge the mainstream media.


Victory is possible. Not just symbolic victory. Not merely the spread of ideas or intellectual influence or philosophical victory.

Actual electoral victory for President Ron Paul.

Forget the polls and the pundits. They’ve been wrong before and they’ll be wrong again...

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Rick Perry pushes for "less drastic" measures with the Federal Reserve than Ron Paul

Back in November of 2010, Rick Perry (Governor and Author) gave an interview where he indicated that he was not an economist and that he wouldn't go as far as Ron Paul in dealing with the FED.

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Effective forms of spreading the word...

I am mass producing thousands of flyers and i have me and a few friends who are passing out them out at apartment complexes and neighborhoods. My question is--Is this an effective way to get Ron Pauls name out there? Does anyone have any ideas on other ways to get his name out?

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SF Chronicle: Ron snubbed as speaker at CA GOP convention

He'll get attention in CA: Ron Paul to join Michele Bachman at GOP state convention in September

It's going to get hotter in Los Angeles next month now that Republican Rep. Ron Paul will be joining Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann at the upcoming gathering of the nation's largest Republican Party -- the California state GOP convention in Los Angeles starting Sept. 18.

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Jon Stewart was right!! The bias against Ron Paul is Real -- NEW STUDY! Politico & Atlantic Wire

"On Monday, Jon Stewart took issue with cable news' naked lack of coverage of libertarian-favorite Ron Paul in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. Stewart argues that TV talking heads are ignoring Paul's candidacy, in spite of this second-place finish in the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa. In one clip he lampooned, a CNN archor tells a correspondent on air: "If you get a video clip of Sarah Palin, or did get a sound bite from her, bring that back to us. Hold the Ron Paul stuff."

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Just heard a caller bring up Ron Paul on Hannity's radio show

Someone called in and brought up Ron Paul on Hannity's radio show today (Aug-18). It was amazing because you never hear Hannity spend more than a few seconds on Ron Paul. The caller stated that Ron Paul could win the presidency, and explained why. It was a very good exchange. You could tell Hannity was uncomfortable talking about it. The caller was very savvy in starting the conversation off in that he didn't immediately start talking about Ron Paul. He kind of slowly brought Ron Paul into the conversation in a very slick way which then forced Hannity to talk about it.

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