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Ron Paul, also known as the Invisible Candidate

Ron Smith

1:07 p.m. EDT, August 18, 2011

A moment ago, I Goggled "Ron Paul ignored by media" and came up with 9,222 links. That's a lot of stories about someone being ignored. Here's what happened.

In last weekend's Iowa Straw Poll of GOP presidential candidates, the Texas congressman had an exceptionally strong showing, finishing a mere 152 votes behind the winner, Minnesota Rep.Michele Bachmann.

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Become a Ron Paul Delegate!

Become a Delegate!


The only way for Ron Paul to become President is if he gets the GOP nomination; The only way for Ron Paul to get the GOP nomination is if we become delegates. As delegates, we’ll be voting to pick the GOP nominee just like the electors in the electoral college vote to pick the President; Delegates determine and decide who the GOP nominee is—it’s that critical!

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SFGate: He'll get attention in CA: Ron Paul to join Michele Bachman at GOP state convention in September

As we reported this week, more GOP candidates might be showing up to the blue state convention now that Bachmann is the Friday keynote speaker -- and the party has decided to hold a straw poll that could juice up interest and passions among grassroots activists and the media in the nation's most populous state.

But John Dennis, who chairs the California Republican Liberty Caucus and is a Paul supporter, said his candidate has had somewhat of a rough time getting a foot in the door of the convention.

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Houston, Conroe, Spring TX Supporters: Ron Paul Sticker Army Meets This Saturday!

If you are in the Houston, Conroe, or Spring TX area, please join the Ron Paul Sticker Army this Saturday, August 20th at the intersection of I-45 and Sawdust Rd.!

The Revolution may not be televised, but we're getting the word out locally between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. We have about a dozen RP supporters committed thus far, and several more are "maybe's".

Let's put troops on the ground and spread the message of Liberty!

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Ron Paul Campaign App Revived + Ron Paul Websites launched

Hello everyone,

I created and launched the website last month and it has received great attention. It has many features to help people stay up-to-date on the day-to-day activities of Ron Paul, such as:

  • Feeds from great RP sites (RP Flix, ronpaulforums, dailypaul, r/ronpaul)
  • Live chat box, used during the last debate to discuss it
  • Twitter feeds for Paul
  • Merchandise for Paul (I receive absolutely no commission, available purely to help)
  • RP 2012 Endorsements
  • 1 vote smear piece on Ron Paul's foreign policy

    A Christian attorney and terrorism expert says it's outrageous that Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has no problem with Iran getting a nuclear weapon.

    During the recent GOP presidential debate from Ames, Iowa, televised on the Fox News Channel, Paul was asked to expound on earlier comments he made justifying Iran's right to have nuclear weapons.

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    The official campaign is really working for the moneybomb! You should too!

    Ron Paul
    Have you pledged your support for the money bomb this Saturday? Just imagine the message we'd send to the Washington establishment if all of our Facebook fans donated on August 20th!

    464 918 people will be seeing that! ;)


    Invite all of your facebook friends for the aug 20th moneybomb now!



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    Jerry Doyle Won't Back Down - Supports Ron Paul Auditing The FED

    I think Jerry is getting the message from our support....

    Yesterday he gave Ron Paul props for wanting to audit the FED.

    I believe today he is going to further unravel the corruption in the FED and the SEC. This guy used to work in the stock market and knows what he's talking about.

    I listen to him here starting at noon Pacific/3pm Eastern - http://www.talkstreamlive...

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    An amazing sketch of Ron Paul built around an old fable

    Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Bears Empty Pot For Americans

    [...] The eye-popping reality of the situation is this. No longer can it be said that Ron Paul is running for President. Amazingly enough, his candidacy has been hijacked, and it appears now that the people are running for President. . . through Ron Paul! That’s the true revolution about which your neighbors are speaking.

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    Jon Stewart-Michael Steele no mention of Ron Paul in top 3

    Well In my opinion this would have been a great time for Jon Stewart to bring up the "What happened to Ron Paul" in all the media attention"..But no such luck..

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    Finally, an unbiased, truthful article

    love the last line especially....

    "Paul is for real. Paul has always been for real. He doesn't know how to be anything else."

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