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Reposting: What If Ron Paul Was President? AMAZING Rap Song

This rap song about Ron Paul is seriously impressive - and I'm not even a fan of rap. Great lyrics, great sound and passionate vocals. Saw it only had about 25k hits on You Tube. This needs to be shared with the RP community more broadly. It will pump you up!

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Facebook Likes: Ron Paul has finally surpassed Bachmann!

As of 4:13 pm CT 8/17/11, Ron Paul's Facebook 'like' count has reached 461,385 and rising by the second; Bachmann's seems to have plateaued at ~461,352. Just for your information.


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Go Ahead, Ignore Him.Please!

Leave the blinders on, please! Go about your business CNN, Fox News, Newsweek, Time, and all you other old-school media outlets. Continue to ignore your own polls, continue to name front-runners, continue to pretend Dr. Paul doesn’t exist….we want you to! It’s nothing new to us. We’re the wackos, the crackpots, the extremists, the outliers who are just spouting our incoherent babble. Go ahead and cut away to a cute dog doing back flips, there’s nothing to see here.

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VIDEO: Donald Trump Really LIKES what Ron Paul says!!

You can say what you want about the Donald, but he speaks his mind:

Enjoy this clip:

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Ron Paul's THREE radio interviews Alan Colmes, Brian Wilson & Mike Church ~8/16/11

Just added the Mike Church interview. ENJOY all THREE from 8/16/11

Alan Colmes on FOX radio thank you to virginiakid thank you to RonPaulSwede thank you to JT @ the Podcast

Brian Wilson & the Afternoon Drive 1370 WSPD (Toledo, OH)
Podcast Link here:

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Petition Withdrawn!

The Chairman of the MI GOP has given up on trying to censor Ron Paul.
With only 14 signatories, his petition did not get very far...

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Joy Behar Explains Ron Paul on 'The View'

Of all the places, Joy Behar of the 'The View' has done a stellar job of explaining Ron's comments in the debate on May 15th.

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Ron Paul on WMUR TV's Blog

WMUR-TV is the major NH television station that will cover and carry the June 5th New Hampshire GOP debate at St. Anselm's College.

I have started a group there and hope we can get NH residents and others to sign up and support Ron.

Here is the URL:
The name of the group is NH 4 Ron Paul

We need NH photos, videos and articles for Ron's political page here:

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Ron Paul NH Campaign Field Director Chosen!

This will make a lot of anxious NHerites and Ron Paul supporters happy!
Jared once worked with me on the BoD of another group, so I'm pleased to be working with him again. For those of you living in NH who would like to work with us, please contact

- Jane

Jared Chicoine to Head New Hampshire Operations

Campaign announces the addition of director for crucial early primary state

CONTACT: Jesse Benton at 703-650-9559

April 17, 2007

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