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Jesse Benton To Russia Today, "Ron Paul does not do interviews with Russia Today. No one watches you guys anyway".

Adam Kokesh announced on his show tonight that this will be the last show of Adam vs. The Man, but didn't say why. However, he did say he interviewed Ron Paul on May 4th of this year, and since then has tryed numorous times to have Congressman Paul back on the show, with no reply.

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Woods/Gutzman Defend Ron Paul on Mike Church

UPDATE: Heres the MP3


August, 23rd

Woods/Gutzman to Defend Ron Paul on Mike Church

"Kevin Gutzman and I will be on the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot 125 tomorrow (8/24/11) at 8:30am ET to discuss Jeffrey Lord’s anti-Ron Paul article in the American Spectator. It’s going to be ugly and fun at the same time, folks.

If you don’t subscribe to Sirius/XM, you can listen in by signing up for a free Internet-only trial. "

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November 5th Money Bomb

Hello All, I would like to propose again this year a November 5th money bomb to rival and surpass our previous attempts in 2007. I feel more now than ever it is fitting with the media actually censoring Paul and it becoming even more so apparent. I know critics of an 11/5 money bomb feel the connotation to Guy Fawkes is negative but I feel at this point it is an opportunity to explain our frustration at the media and establishment. Any publicity is good publicity and any attention brought to Paul is good because it is an opportunity to explain our views and shine a light on what is happening.

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New Hampshire party chair alleges bribe by national GOP

Embattled New Hampshire GOP chair Jack Kimball alleged Tuesday that the Republican Governors Association offered the state party money in exchange for his stepping down.

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A Ron Paul Economics for Dummies Website

This site does a really good job of laying out an overview of the system, might help some people understand what he's trying to say when he gets the 30 seconds to explain the economy in the debates.

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ATTENTION! Viable Method to Get Ron Paul on Ballot in All 50 States!

Hey everybody, MoRtiS NoCTu here!

I've got some NEWS of utmost importance that we need to spread around to the Ron Paul community as FAST as possible!


I was just watching The Colbert Report (not something I usually do), when he brought out his guest Elliot Ackerman, CEO of

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Is this true?

This can't be true can anyone explain this?

P.s I just believe what the manager says is not what Ron Paul would say because he said before he's never opposed being interviewed by anyone!

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Ron Paul Campaign Welcomes Constitutional Law Heavyweight Bruce Fein as Senior Advisor

LAKE JACKSON, Texas--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign announced today that constitutional and international law expert Bruce Fein will join the campaign as senior advisor on legal matters.

“Bruce Fein’s participation adds to our campaign’s already intellectual heft, enabling us to more broadly engage the conversation about constitutionality, civil liberties and the dangers to national security of an increasingly interventionist foreign policy,” said Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.

Mr. Fein served as associate deputy attorney and general counsel to the Federal Communications Commission under President Ronald Reagan. He served as Research Director for Republicans on the Joint Congressional Committee on Covert Arms Sales to Iran, and on the American Bar Associations Committee on Presidential Signing Statements. He has been a Visiting Fellow for Constitutional Studies at the Heritage Foundation and an adjunct scholar at American Enterprise Institute. He has advised numerous countries on constitutional reform, including South Africa, Hungary and Russia.

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Voting verification for Ron Paul?

Is there anyone out there with a site to independently verify votes for when we get to the primaries? Something that has enough information to resist fraud, etc.? Maybe email in a photo of your vote taken from your phone?

I'd love to say that American elections are 100% free of fraud and mistakes, but when it comes to Ron Paul we're gonna need to vote twice to make sure his votes count. (one official, one to verify)

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Cleveland GOP Cheats Ron Paul: Article Exposes Fraud

Here is the article that exposes how the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County (RPCC) sabotaged Ron Paul in their online straw poll. They even reference the Daily Paul! All of our hard work paid off, guys. Thanks to everyone who helped.

For those who want the back story, check out my previous two posts on this topic:

In Liberty,

Matt Brakey

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The Atlantic: Why does Ron Paul scare you?

...It is so much harder to gauge what approach Paul would take to governing. Even so, I am beginning to wonder whether my intuition that he represents the biggest gamble has led me astray: as I ponder the worst case scenarios that Paul might bring about, they don't seem scarier than the alternatives. Let's be charitable and say, for the sake of argument, that the worst thing any of the other Republicans will do is start an ill-conceived war on the order of Iraq. It's easy to imagine something worse, but it's enough to use $3 trillion, thousands of American lives lost, many more seriously injured, and hundreds of thousands of innocent foreigners dead as our benchmark. After all, those are real figures from a conflict that we're still waging.

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Remember that Cleveland Poll

Where one poster wanted us to vote in a test poll for a journalist? The article just came out....

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The Economist: An "anybody" better than Bachmann

THE president is in trouble. A new Gallup poll shows Barack Obama losing by 2% to Mitt Romney in a hypothetical race held "today". Mr Obama is tied with Rick Perry. But the really interesting news is that the president wins by just 2% against Ron Paul, the guy most media gatekeepers assume too unelectable to be worth covering. For her part, Michele Bachmann, whose legitimacy as a serious candidate has been created largely by a self-justifying circle of relentlessly obsessive media coverage, loses in her hypothetical race against Mr Obama by 4%.

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Cleveland GOP Cheating Ron Paul (Does anyone know the latest on this ?)

This is disgusting that this country is run by criminals!!! I'm sick of it!!! What was the out come on this??? Anyone know? Did everyone already contact these people? Anyone know about this?

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