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The Atlantic - Why the Press Loves Jon Huntsman but Ignores Ron Paul

Aug 22 2011, 7:30 AM ET
The media is fascinated by protest candidates who critique their own parties, but it marginalizes those who attack the establishment.

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The Hill - Ron Paul raises $1.8M in 24 hours

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) raised $1.8 million in 24 hours between Saturday and Sunday, a major online “money bomb” timed to coincide with his 76th birthday. This is the fourth time Paul has raised more than $1 million in a day this campaign cycle, and a signal that he will have the money to compete as long as he wishes for the Republican presidential nomination.

The big haul came despite a cyberattack during the same time period that shut down Paul’s website for a few hours.

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(Rogue) Ron Paul Advertising at SeaWorld

Don't leave any avenue for advertising unturned. Take opportunities when they arise. I was at SeaWorld Orlando this weekend and before the show they were saying Text your name to one of the critters to be their friend. The critters then respond on the big screen by saying Hi. So I texted that Ron Paul was my name... Then I received a text saying email your photo and see it on the big screen during the show finnally. WELLLL of course I sent Ron Paul's picture. And sure enough there he was in front of several thousand people. Here is a link to a pic of him up on the big screen. Look bottom Right and Left. My phone was kind of wide angle but they were super big in person.

We need to do everything we can. Car decals etc a must!

closer pic

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Michael Medved slams Ron Paul - Then slams him again.

At 12:37 Pacific Time PM on August 22nd (2011), Michael Medved on his national radio show slammed Ron Paul while comparing republican candidates' polling numbers against Obama.

First he mentioned that Romnney, Perry, and Bachmann all are polling ahead of Obama (if the election were held today).

Then he threw in Ron Paul as virtually tied with Obama BUT he said the following...

"If you're running tied with Ron Paul, then you're in very weak political shape."

He continued to disrespect Dr. Paul by stating "If Ron Paul gets nominated, he will lose by 40 percent."

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New American: Ron Paul as an Anti-communist Cold Warrior

A nice smear squashing piece:

Rep. Paul has also distinguished himself from other candidates in his consistent statements and beliefs. Unlike most other candidates, he has not flip-flopped — saying now what he has been saying for decades.

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Ron Paul on Lou Dobbs Radio 8/22/11
thank you to YT user TheWarriorRonPaul aka Phanthom

Also, DPer Jefferson got on the show, after John Bolton spoke. It was terrific!

Podcast: http://www.ronpaul2012pod...

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Philadelphia C4L sings Ron Paul a happy birthday at the Federal Reserve!

Last Saturday, we had a little End the Fed/Happy Birthday Ron Paul Rally! This is just the video of us singing for Dr. Paul, there should be more videos up soon. Peace!

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Ron Paul mentioned on Fox News Sunday "Panel Plus" 8/21/11

in the segment that is on the Internet only.

Mentioned ~5 mins in and Bill Kristol mentions Ron Paul's obsession with the Federal Reserve.

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Unbeatable campaign slogan.

"Ron Paul keeps his word."

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Why Ron Paul is good for America

If Barack Obama had 10 percent the conviction for the views he stated in 2008 that Ron Paul has for the views he has stated for decades the American economy and political landscape would be dramatically different and in my view, dramatically better. Let’s set aside our policy differences for a moment and consider the Ron Paul phenomenon, and why Ron Paul continues to have such dramatic impact on our political debate, despite contemptuous treatment he receives from the mass media.

More at The Hill:

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Guess How Much Wall Street Borrowed From Fed

From Yahoo Finance:

Provided by Business Insider's Zeke Miller, August 22, 2011:

After months of litigation and an act of Congress, Bloomberg has an exclusive on the massive lending by the Federal Reserve to Wall Street banks during the height of the financial crisis in 2008.

On top of the $160 billion in loans from the Treasury Department, banks — including those based overseas — borrowed $669 billion from the Fed, with the Fed's peak balance at one point reaching a staggering $1.2 trillion.

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Paul's Supporters Fewer but More Passionate (Texas Tribune)

It's actually not a bad article.

If you put Ron Paul and Rick Perry side by side in this presidential race, most people would probably say Paul is the underdog. Will Lutz, managing editor of the Lone Star Report, a conservative political newsletter, says that what Paul supporters lack in numbers they make up for in passion.

"He has a group of supporters that might be 10 percent of the Republican primary voters. But they are very, very enthusiastic," Lutz said.....

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Ron Paul Disclaimer

Another supporter of Ron Paul, speaking about peoples attitude on Ron Paul being elected.

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