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New Ron Paul Song!


Rage against the Fed: Punk Rocker pens tribute to Ron Paul
Published: 5:06 PM 08/19/2011

It was only a matter of time, but someone’s finally gone and recorded a punk rock anthem for GOP presidential candidate and contrarian Texas Rep. Ron Paul.

Released on YouTube Wednesday, the song, written by musician Erik LaVergne and titled simply “Ron Paul Punk Rock Anthem,” is perhaps the first punk song in history to advocate Austrian School monetary theory.

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Currency Competition vs Boom-Bust Cycle

Boom-Bust in a Free-Society can only happen in the short-run
---during IPO
---during new product innovation
---the only time to grow wealth

Boom-Bust under Corporatism (even under Capitalism) happens in the mid-to-long run and it happens in the short-run too, just not as dynamically as would happen in a free-society.

2 votes Front Page- The Silent [Ron Paul] Revolution? Media Ignore Paul, Study Finds

Despite his army of grassroots supporters and a strong finish in the Iowa straw poll, the media are ignoring the "Ron Paul Revolution," the presidential hopeful says - and a new study suggests he may be right.

Nine of the twelve potential presidents surveyed attracted more media attention this year than Texas Rep. Ron Paul, a study from the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellency in Journalism found.

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I just received my hat I ordered from Ron Pauls site

and I am very disappointed. It looks weird when you put it on, sort like it is smashed or something. It is of poor quality. Why cant they get decent stuff for sale on there? I am ok with giving the money, but geez, cant you get something that looks a little better? Do you want people walking around with that hat on looking like that? The Ron Paul part looks like it was power ironed on to the front; thereby, smashing the front back. Total disappointment. I was all jazzed about wearing my hat when it arrived, alas, I wont be wearing that P.O.S. anywhere. Come on guys!

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Beer Drinkers for Ron Paul

Please take the time and like this facebook page :)

Beer Drinkers for Ron Paul:

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Sen Blumenthal on Bernanke -The Fed Needs Help - Ambush Video

Too Funny ... I bumped into Bloomy today at a rest area ... I caught the exchange on video ... I asked him why the Bernanke was stealing all my money ... enjoy

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10 Reasons Why Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann Suck

(Author’s note: I am aware that this is an incomplete list, but I had to narrow it down to 10 points-please add to the list in the comments section)

Rick Perry:

• Perry mandated compulsory Gardasil vaccines for 6th grade girls, which was overturned by the state legislature (2007).

• As the Agriculture Commissioner of Texas, Perry ushered genetically engineered (GE) crops into the state. He used dirty tricks to defeat the former Commissioner, Jim Hightower, who instituted the organic farmers certification program and would have required GE food labeling.

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Any Bay Area Ron Paul supporter(s) driving down to Sept CA Straw Poll in L.A.?

I am a Californian Ron Paul supporter who lives in the San Francisco North Bay. I was thinking about attending the California Straw Poll in September, and wanted to know if there were any other RP Supporter in my neighborhood who were planning on driving down to LA to attend and vote.

I've got a big family and one car (which I will have to leave for the wife and kids), so I can't drive down. I'm thinking about flying, but just wanted to see if anyone out there was already planning on driving. I'd love to carpool, and split costs.

Thanks, Ron Paul 2012,
Brad the Dad

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The Daily Caller - Jack Hunter : "Ron Paul Doesn't Fit The Media Script."

The Daily Caller - Jack Hunter : "Ron Paul Doesn't Fit The Media Script."

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Video: Anti-Ron Paul Subliminal Message in TV Show "Breaking Bad"

Subliminal message:

Ron Paul supporters like Meth. They are crazy. Don't be associated with them.

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Ron Paul Interview with Jon Stewart-Daily Show - Sep 26

Interview with Jon Stewart-Daily Show

Congressman Ron Paul will interview with Jon Stewart-Daily Show Monday September 26 5:30pm Eastern Time

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FLASH!! Ron Paul Interview with Jon Stewart-Daily Show

FLASH!! Ron Paul Interview with Jon Stewart-Daily Show

Congressman Ron Paul will interview with Jon Stewart-Daily Show Monday September 26 5:30pm Eastern Time Click on Events Tab

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Ron Paul Fight Song!

Gotta keep this in the hearts and minds of Ron Paul supporters!

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VIDEO and Article by Concord Monitor - "Ron Paul Galore!"

Here is a good article written by the Concord Monitor containing a long interview with Dr. Paul!

"Ron Paul Galore!"

Watch on Concord Monitor's Website
Watch on Vimeo

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Stewart just got Ron 3 more votes from Republicans - I need meetup group info in Washington County MN

I have a friend that I have been working on for some time, he was receptive to Ron Paul's message but was still hung on Ron being to radical.

I told him for a while how the media ignores Ron because he will actually make real changes, long story short, he didn;t believe it.

He just called me and said, did you see that Daily Show Clip about Ron Paul? I said yes I did, Why? He said I'm sorry man you were right and I was wrong and I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Then he says ok you got me and my family 100% where is the meetup group in Washington County, MN.

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