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Ron Paul’s “Extreme” Beliefs – Top Ten Quotes provides a new twist on the so-called "extreme" beliefs of Ron Paul. Excerpt:

In our current age, it seems fashionable to consider the beliefs of the Founding Fathers as quaint or out-dated—despite the fact that we all have been taught from an early age to admire Jefferson, Washington, Adams, et al as the artisans of our country’s exceptionality. Ron Paul though doesn’t simply pay lip service to the Founders and the Constitution they drew up.

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It's official; "Ron Paul is cute as a button!"

I don't watch Ellen, but my son (of all people) found the clip.

Gladys sounds like a HOOT!!!

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Great Ron Paul Video: "Ron Paul is Exploding!"

I think this would have to be one of the best edited Ron Paul videos I have ever seen.

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Becoming a Ron Paul Delegate to The National Convention (Details)

There has been a lot of talk about the importance of becoming a Ron Paul delegate to the national convention but I haven't see much information about how to do that.

I came across this website

This site provides state by state information about the delegate process. Click on your state and you can see specific information about your states delegate selection process.

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Veterans 4 Ron Paul - it's a family thing thanks Dad

My father since 2007 has become a bigger Ron Paul supporter enough to make an endorsement on his own free will, he's actually 73 but I'm proud of him, he served & volunteered to go to Vietnam (Medi Vac Helicopter Pilot)as one of the first male nurses..also worked years at the VA hospital and saw plenty of Veterans who served & suffered.

Pennsylvania For Congressman Paul - Veterans For President Paul..

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Ron Paul 'They're Setting The Stage For Violence In This Country'

Ron Paul is asked about H.R. 645 and whether or not Americans are justified in thinking that (The National Emergency Centers Establishment Act' could lead to detainment camps for american citizens during martial law. His response..
'They're setting the stage for violence in this country'
-Ron Paul


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Ron Paul Sings the Message.

To achieve personal freedom we have to believe!

Ron Paul tells us in this video:

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Operation Brooklyn

Operation Brooklyn: Call to all Ron Paul supporters that have basic webcam capabilities to post 20 second or less video clip saying "I support Ron Paul." or "I'm voting for Ron Paul" All upload to YouTube at an exact scheduled date: Aug 27th in memory of The Battle of Brooklyn 1776. Target 25,000+ supporter videos. No less. All Ron Paul supports groups must be notified immediately.

Original thread:

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Obama and Biden try to sabotage Ron Paul's speech (hilarious)

Funny animation showing Barack Obama and Joe Biden trying to sabotage an important Ron Paul speech.

YouTube Credit: MrDrawingguy

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Concord Monitor: Ron Paul's Candor should set Standard


"Paul, who met with the Monitor editorial board yesterday, speaks with a candor unheard of in a presidential candidate. But unlike so many of his Republican rivals in the primary, he doesn't speak meanly and he doesn't personalize disagreements. Such qualities make him a delight to be around, but they won't make him president, nor - if elected - would Paul be able to govern. His fidelity to his many deeply held principles allow him to build coalitions with people who share his beliefs but forbid him from making the compromises that are necessary to achieve a majority."

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One story about inviting your facebook friends for the Aug 20th moneybomb!

[QUOTE]I tell you what. I have been really shocked. I have never facebook invited any of my friends to a moneybomb. Not that I don't care, but I just never really thought anyone I know would actually join. I invited my friends yesterday, and I have had two people join since last night. It just blows my mind. Funny thing is, I didn't even know those two people liked Ron Paul. If 2000 people from this site were able to get 2 friends to join, then that would jump the number up by another 4000 people. It would triple our results. Think about it. [/QUOTE]

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Did you miss the moment the fire was lit?

Thank you Rick Santorum. When Rick Santorum attacked RP in the debate, it awoken something in him. Ron Paul has a very peaceful soul, and the wars and killings and senseless deaths,you can tell, disturb him greatly. He understands how unnecessary they all are. He understands that most wars are fought because the true motivations for war are hid from the public.

You could see the fire in his eyes and the passion in his voice as he called out Santorums war propaganda, and hammered home a point that is highly controversial (because of the propaganda, not because of any logic).

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