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Nice Article on Hayek, President Paul and Free Competition in Currency Act

Nice Article on Friedrich Hayek, President Paul and the Free Competititon in Currency Act:

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Difference between Keynes & Hayek.

Planned vs. Free Market. Excellent video from the Mises Institute 45 minutes by Dr. Roger W. Garrison of Auburn University.

Simple & easy to understand. Great for jumping into the fundamental differences between the two.


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Science and Economics Meet at Hayek

From Forbes

ispersed, cooperative knowledge works in economics as it does in evolutionary biology, to accelerate advancement of the human species. Thus two disciplines are joined in Matt Ridley’s book, The Rational Optimist: How Prosperity Evolves, for which he received the Hayek Prize this evening from the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research.


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Paul Krugman vs. Ron Paul and Friedrich Hayek

by Jeremy R. Hammond
September 17, 2011

Paul Krugman tried to slam Ron Paul in his most recent column by writing:

Back in 1980, just as America was making its political turn to the right, Milton Friedman lent his voice to the change with the famous TV series “Free to Choose.” In episode after episode, the genial economist identified laissez-faire economics with personal choice and empowerment, an upbeat vision that would be echoed and amplified by Ronald Reagan.

But that was then. Today, “free to choose” has become “free to die.”

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A Rare Interview With Hayek [MP3}

A Gift from Mark Skousen and Me to the World
Gary North


August 31, 2011

In August 1985, Mark Skousen, John Mauldin, and I drove to the Austrian Alps to interview F.A. Hayek. Skousen had arranged the interview. Hayek was on vacation.

Mauldin was my business manager. He had set up a tour of Europe for my Remnant Review subscribers.

I had the portable Sony Walkman Professional tape recorder.

Skousen and I did the interviews.

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Video Update: Ron Paul on FOX News Sunday w/ Chris Wallace


Congressman Paul will be on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace and Fox News Network this Sunday, August 28th. Check local listings for the time.
Thank Chris Wallace: FOX News Sunday fns@foxnews.com
~or phone Fox News: "you'll have a unique opportunity to make your voice heard and affect change at FNC...you can call us at 1-888-369-4762."


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The Sidewalk to Serfdom - Austrian Economics is now considered "cool"

You know we are winning when you're walking in NYC and see sidewalk art of an Austrian economist:


For those that want to see it, the artwork is on 112 and Broadway in NYC.

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Currency Competition vs Boom-Bust Cycle

Boom-Bust in a Free-Society can only happen in the short-run
---during IPO
---during new product innovation
---the only time to grow wealth

Boom-Bust under Corporatism (even under Capitalism) happens in the mid-to-long run and it happens in the short-run too, just not as dynamically as would happen in a free-society.

What's Wrong with Our Monetary System?

For those who don't understand the seriousness of what the government has done, this is a great video of top financial talking heads with Ron Paul, that explains why the Federal Reserve is perhaps not the best or most legal or beneficial system there is. I suggest all detractors watch it many times until it sinks in.

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