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How Presidents and Nominees Were Doing in October (i.e. Paul CAN Win)

Some quick links and numbers for anyone who questions Paul's poll performance.

At this time in 1975 Jimmy Carter was polling at 1%
In September 1991 Clinton was at 3%

In Oct. 2003 Kerry was at 13%

In Oct. 2007 Obama was at 23% (vs. Clinton's 51%)

And in Florida McCain was at 9%

GOP is catching on to the Revolution

I hope they intend to do this BEFORE it's too late...

Message From Ron Paul - 12/3/2007

December 3, 2007

Want to know a secret? There were two moments I especially enjoyed at the CNN/YouTube debate -- despite my frustration at some of the questions, and the maldistribution of time.

First, I was pleased at John McCain's attack, which he clearly had planned. Not because that sort of stream-of-consciousness nonsense about Hitler and WWII -- when the neocons openly want what they call WW IV! Are we to forget that the first war crime charged at Nuremberg was waging aggressive war?

Flush With Cash Ron Paul Could Hurt Giuliani and McCain

According to Dante Scala of the St Anselm's Political Science Dept:

“It’s striking to me that he’s at 7 percent without running a single TV ad in New Hampshire,” Mr. Scala said. “If he starts to attract significant support among independents, then he could start to hurt Giuliani or McCain.”

Also here is the first in a series of videos of Ron filing in NH and greeting visitors to the NH office.

Wow! Ron Paul at the Mackinac Island Conference

We just got in from spending the weekend at the Michigan GOP Leadership Conference on scenic and historic Mackinac Island. Many exciting things happened during the last few days, including an opportunity to meet my adult-hood hero, Congressman Ron Paul. I don't have time to do a full post right now but I give you some highlights.

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McCain wants to borrow money from Dr. Paul!

This is so cool...he's now telling jokes!!!!!!

Ron Paul at the Buckhorn Museum in San Antonio, Texas

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