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Youtube resets

Does anyone else have trouble with Youtube recently? My videos play for about 10 seconds then the video restarts. Very annoying.

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Youtube launches channel for 2012 Presidential Race

Youtube has launched a new channel for the 2012 Presidential Race and politics in general.


Youtube Page:

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Way for YOU to use searches/suggestions for on YouTube

To promote, put the following text in all of your YouTube video titles FIRST, that way the link shows up in searches and suggestions, even for people who don't click your video. Ron Paul Oct 19 [your normal video title here]


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Free Historical Audio Books on YouTube

Copied from uunet - haven't had time to check them out myself - gotta head out to work and will check them out when I get back!

The Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson et alii:
Original length version -
18% faster version -

The Constitution of the United States by the Philadelphia Convention:
Original length version -
18% faster version -

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Ron Rolling the Mainstream

New Rick Perry 2012 Add

Join The Ron Rollers on facebook Ron Roll everybody you know! The Ron Rolling Revolution has begun!

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Someone is marking TONS of pro-Ron Paul comments as spam on YouTube!

I have noticed that lately someone is marking TONS of pro-Ron Paul comments as spam on YouTube!

We need to go in there, click "show comment" on the ones marked as Spam, and click "Not spam" on the ones that are, well, not spam!

Rise up and stop this censorship!!!

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Who Can Make a YouTube Clip?

Is there anyone out there that can make YouTube clips? I'm not technically savvy, but have what I think is a good idea...

First, the soundtrack in the back is the main theme song from Inception. Go to YouTube and listen to it, it's awesome and easily recognizable.

Next, the clip will alter between things going wrong and then Dr. Paul speaking over the music. The first 30 seconds or so would have clips of politicians arguing, TSA groping, DEA agents breaking into homes, soldiers in Iraq fighting, the debt clock running, etc. These things along with the music would set the tone.

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Countering on YouTube.

Thanks to all of us and others, there are TONS of videos out there that show Dr. Paul as the true patriot and statesman that he is. There are also a ton of videos out there that try to paint Dr. Paul as a loon, an Islamist sympathizer and as a hater of America.

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Former Soldier Exposes Media Bias On YouTube

Here's a video on YouTube exposing the Meida Bias from the viewpoint of a former soldier.

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MSM wrong about reaction to gay soldier Youtube question

First, here is the clip ...

I groaned at home before any of the audience reacted to the video and the MSM is wrong on why there were boos about this question.

I did not groan in opposition to the gay soldier.

I groaned because this is what I was thinking ...

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Watch the Fox Debate Live TONIGHT on Youtube

You Asked the Questions.
Now, the Republican Candidates Will Answer.

On September 22, the Republican primary candidates will meet in Orlando, Florida for the Fox News/Google Debate - and they’ll be answering YOUR questions. Tune in at 9:00 pm EDT to watch the live debate.

Promotional Youtube Debate Commercial:

Live Stream tonight at 9pmEST / 8pmCST:

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Ron Paul speaking Spanish

A friend of mine attended UMiami and saw Ron Paul debate there in 2007. Apparently he speaks fluent Spanish, while most other candidates don't. It would be awesome if a hispanic RP supporter submitted a youtube question for tomorrow's debate, then at the end said "bonus points if the candidates answer in Spanish."

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MP3s on YouTube drives 100000+ hits for Ron Paul

Hi everyone,

We have discovered a way to get Ron Paul's name out there. If everyone pitches in we can get him exposure on PAR with MSM. Yes, you heard me right. Here's how it's done.

1. Go to your CD or MP3 collection and find an MP3. The more unique and rare the better but any good MP3s will do. Search YouTube first and make sure that your song is not already available. If it is go ahead and do this anyway, but try to find a song that isn't for the most hits.

2. Use a program like Super to convert the mp3 to a video file.

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