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Dartmouth Student praises Dr. Paul

Positive Ron Paul article in The Dartmouth.

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Thumbs up all around!

As I was out traveling around the in the car today, within an hour span I got four instances of thumbs up and/or shouts of encouragement for the RP stuff plastered all over my motor carriage. One car was stuffed full of college age kids, one was a middle aged couple, and one went flying by me on the freeway with his horn blaring and a big thumbs up out the window.

Freedom is getting popular!

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Colleges and youth movement are the keys to victory!

After watching the LSU speech, I am now absolutely convinced that the youth movement and the colleges are the keys to victory for Ron Paul. THIS is how we turn the tables and win this election! THIS is how we beat Romney and the establishment! Here's why...

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Omaha World Herald - Paul: Bring U.S. Troops Home

COUNCIL BLUFFS — The Iowa campaign tour of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul didn't make it to Council Bluffs as planned Tuesday, but an estimated 200 at Iowa Western Community College cheered loudly as the Texas representative explained his views by telephone.

Because of mechanical problems on his plane, Paul spoke from a room at the Des Moines airport while waiting for another plane that would connect him with other cities on his schedule.

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Support for RP in New Hampshire and at Hillsdale College! - 2 great articles published today

Kevin Kervick has been writing some great stuff in the Manchester Independent Examiner (New Hampshire):

It looks like Hillsdale College might be starting to recover from it's long affliction of neoconservatism. A bright young sophomore helps to shed some light:

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We have to be realistic about what's happening.

We have to be realistic about what's happening. The polls have us in the low teens. Hopefully they will go up, but I don't want to rely on hope. These are my observations.

1)The GOP machine will do nearly anything to block RP.
2)The DEM machine will do nearly anything to block RP.
3)The average person supports Ron Paul's message of stop the wars, spend that money at home, and bring stability to our economy.
4)The average person won't vote in the primaries.(I think the stat is less than 10% will vote).
5)The primaries and the general election are straw polls.(They are non binding.)

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College Students Interview Ron Paul (August 18th 2011)

One might ask, "Are the interviewers intentionally obtuse?" Too bad the audio/video quality wasn't better. Not professional quality at all, Nevertheless, a seminal Interview.

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voting question.

ive been telling everybody that will listen to me all about ron paul. my son in law is a registered voter in missouri, but the whole family moved back here to kansas last summer. so, he told me a cuppla days ago that he will vote for ron paul cause he agrees with ron's plan to get the military back home. (he's in the national gaurd, and is sposed to be deployed soon.) so- does anyone know if he has to re-register, or is it, once youre registered to vote, you can vote anywhere you are in america? sorry if its a stupid question, but im 51 years old, and never voted in my life.

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the great College Scam

Teaching kids that working with their hands is for dummies.Not true of course.

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College-Bound Students Not Prepared in Basic Subjects

Aug. 17, 2011

Only one in four college-bound high school graduates is adequately prepared for college-level English, reading, math and science, according to report released Wednesday by the ACT college admissions test.

Some 28 percent of the members of the high school class of 2011 failed to meet readiness benchmarks in any of the four core subject areas.

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College Tuition Will Not Stop Rising

Moody's, in a study (PDF) on student lending, has found that tuition costs have more than doubled since 2000. Inflation in the price of tuition has outpaced the inflation rate for all goods, as well as those specifically of housing, energy, and health care (yes, even health care) for two decades.

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"The first interview ever to be conducted with a presidential candidate from a college dorm room"

A student named James Kotecki made good use of his computer and living space for history-in-the-making.

Dr. Paul shares his background and responds to current issues.

The following links will download the digital videos:

Complete Ron Paul Interview, Part 1 of 4
Complete Ron Paul Interview, Part 2 of 4
Complete Ron Paul Interview, Part 3 of 4

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