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NPR, PBS Censoring Ron Paul

NPR and PBS, reporting on the FL debate, neglected to mention Ron Paul. The censorship is not just Faux News.

I'm posting in hopes that you will join me in emailing PBS and NPR to stop censoring Ron Paul's achievements during the GOP nomination process.

Thank you, God Bless You, Ron Paul and our mission to Freedom!

NPR Services

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NPR - end the fed (forgot to mention Paul)

I do not have a link, but I heard on the way home today on NPR a report about the federal reserves actions today. It was then followed by about a 3 minute piece on teh republican opposition to the fed by many of their presidential candidates. They give clips of Bachman, Perry, and Gingrich speaking out against the fed but no clip of Paul or even a mention of his name.

The guy wrote the book on the subject and has spent his entire career combating him, and is chair of the sub-committee overseeing the fed. It is unbelievable they would omit him!

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Ron Paul Interview on NPR's Weekend Edition 9/3/11

Good interview with Ron Paul on NPR's Weekend Edition. The interview started with his comments about FEMA. He was able to respond with real-life examples from his congressional district, slipped in a comment about needless wars, then, best of all, ended with the principle that undergirds his entire philosophy: that no one has the right to initiate the use of force against another. He clearly demonstrated his consistent and principled approach - one that sets him apart from all other candidates.

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Vermont Gov tells RP to come to vermont and look into the eyes of the people

who lost loved ones and tell them FEMA is a disaster.

So how many people did FEMA save? (None. their just a post action clean up crew)

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NPR: "Ron Paul: 'Philosophy Of Liberty And The Constitution' Has Been Vindicated"

"Ron Paul: 'Philosophy Of Liberty And The Constitution' Has Been Vindicated"

Someone is starting to pay attention!

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Estonia rejects Keynes, grows at 8% - does NPR understand the subject at hand?

Estonia takes a play our from President Warren Harding and Mises and does not buy into stimulus, after a contraction of 13.9%, they are now growing at 8% - only the experts at NPR do not know enough of our own history or Austrian Economics to realize the reasons for Estonian growth, and how it related to our own crash in 1921. President Warren Harding's policy of not intervening in the market were continued under Calvin Coolidge in 1923, much like George W Bush's policies of intervention were continued under Barack Obama.

Ron Paul Supporters! NPR Wants to Hear from You!

Bennett Roth of the Houston Chronicle gave the home view of GOP candidate Ron Paul today. Roth says it's hard to tell where Paul's supporters are coming from, but he argues the most ardent backing is not in Texas but in places like California and Florida.

Roth thinks Paul has become such an Internet phenomenon in part because he connects with a demographic that finds a natural outlet online...

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