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Ron Paul is a gentleman

Ron Paul has more supporters and votes than all the rest. I don't know one person for Romney or Perry....much less Cain, and I don't hang out with Ron Paul supporters---I'm talking about people at work, in the community...noone supports these guys. It's all a game, and I wish our meek and humble Dr. Paul didn't have to do go through this...they need to interview each with the same questions over an hour or two and post them online- with specific answers to the economy, let the people decide, and make sure our voting privacy is protected...voter fraud is my biggest fear!

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Host a Debate For Ron Paul?

Sick and tired of watching the Mainstream media ignore Ron Paul, I think we should host our own debates and invite as many friends/Strangers and family that are not Ron Paul supporters and have them address their questions at the debate. That way Ron Paul gets more time to answer questions. Maybe other candidates can come in, maybe a celebrity can host it or participate or ask questions just like the people. This way the Mainstream media loses their views on TV. and the views are instead transferred to Ron Paul!

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Paul vs Cain

Cain is doing to Paul exactly what Huckabee did four years ago - stealing the IRS/Income Tax issue from Paul. I believe it is the biggest reason for Cain's emergence in the polls.

Suggestion: starting tonight, state the following at every debate and most interviews:

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Paul Maintains Top Tier Status In New Hampshire, Perry Plummets

By Steve Watson

Congressman Ron Paul has been placed third in the latest telling poll to emerge from the traditional first primary state of New Hampshire, while Rick Perry could only tie for fifth, seeing his numbers plummet to just 4%.

Harvard University Institute of Politics and New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College poll placed Paul in third with 13% of the vote, making him only one of three candidates to score in double digits.

Herman Cain pulled in 20%, while Mitt Romney led the standings with 38%.

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Ron Paul's Closing Statement for tonight's debate

Historically, our party has tried to choose between conservative principles and electability. Well, not this time. I am the most conservative candidate on this stage and I am also the most electable against Barack Obama.

I am pro-Life. I am pro-2nd amendment. I am pro-national defense, while also being pro-peace. I am the most conservative on fiscal policy. I have never voted for an unbalanced budget.

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Will Bloomberg host a fair debate tonight? Or are we in for more of the same?

Considering that Ron Paul is usually well received from bloomberg TV do you think he will get more debate time? If so this could be a huge day for Ron Paul.

Any thoughts?

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Reminder - Tuesday, October 11 @ 8:00pm (ET) on Bloomberg TV

The next presidential debate is being broadcast tomorrow (Tuesday) on Bloomberg TV and moderated by Charlie Rose (see: ) Note - click on the heading for Tuesday.

According to the website "... Bloomberg and The Washington Post host a Republican Presidential Debate moderated by Charlie Rose and focused solely on the economy. The candidates will respond to questions on jobs, spending, health care, and social security, among other economic topics. "

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Tuesdays Bloomberg Debate

How come no ones talking about Tuesdays Bloomberg debate

This is were the candidates will be submitting their economic plan.

Go to

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How it Feels to be Ron Paul for an Hour

Tonight I had a Ron Paul moment. I tried to convince my brother in law and sister that we need to come home from all these wars. I gave all the arguments, gave all the logical reasons that Paul gave.

Do you know what he said? He said we need to stay in all the countries because historically we have done this. And that we need to fix what we blew up. It's what is right.

I said that we can't afford it. He agreed. I asked what his solution was...he just droned on about how it was right to stay.

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Debate Schedule

Haven't seen this anywhere else. A good heads-up especially for local activists. Hint hint.

Next up 10/11

Also links to some previous debates

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Media Blackout: Gary Johnson on Stage with Ron Paul

Some here agree with me and some disagree, but I personally strongly support Gary Johnson's presence in the political arena. I think it's going to be multiply valuable in our fight to support Ron Paul and good national office candidates in general.

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Talking points/sound bites/suggestions for Next 2 debates Oct 11 and Oct 18

I am starting this thread to compile some good suggestions of talking points that could be sent to the campaign and probably be used in the coming 2 debates. I am not saying that Ron Paul is not knowledgeable enough or anything like that, but this effort may bring about some sound bites which are the things that work in the debates.

Lets categorize the suggestions according to issues -
1)Economy, debt, federal reserve
3)Foreign policy, Israel, foreign aid
4)Liberties, patriot act, Al-Awlaki assassination,
5)General debate suggestions

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Bloomberg GOP Debate Focused on the Economy Oct. 11 @ 7P ET

Sept. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Join us on Tuesday, October 11th at 7pm ET for the first economic debate of the Republican primary season. Bloomberg Television and The Washington Post, in partnership with WBIN-TV and host Dartmouth College, will present the first debate of the 2012 campaign focused exclusively on the issues voters consider most important - the economy, debt, deficits, taxes, trade and jobs. Moderated by Charlie Rose, The Washington Post political correspondent Karen Tumulty and Bloomberg White House correspondent Julianna Goldman.

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