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John McLaughlin proclaims best performance by Ron Paul!

John McLaughlin is one of the most respected commentators on TV today. In his opinion, which you will hear at the end of this video, Ron gave the best performance in the debate.

Is it any wonder? It's easy to give a good performance when you are honest, sincere, convicted and correct!

So, let's review our successes:

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SCGOP & Faux News will ban Ron Paul from 5/15 debate?,042607GOP.article

They haven't said so specifically, but I saw a note (without any link) on the blog, so I searched and this article comes up. Only three candidates meet the criteria, but are they going to make exceptions?

It looks like they just want a beauty contest. If anyone knows the best contact for Fox News and/or the SC party to stop this outrage, please post a comment. For now we might contact Fox News and the SC Republican party.

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