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5 questions . for Ron Paul

1. You voted for the initial Afghanistan invasion, targeting those who attacked the U.S. on 9/11. Many people view you as a complete pacifist. Are those people correct or is your foreign policy view misunderstood?

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James Carville just made a prophetic statement

Anyone else just hear Carville on CNN saying something to the effect of "Something totally different is coming... I don't know what it is, but it's coming." ???

That sure sounded like a plug for us, albeit delivered as a forewarning, to these ears...

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Expose Cain in next debate

We all know that the MSM wont hesitate to ask Dr Paul about his stance on the Al-Awlaki death.

I think this would be a perfect opportunity to not only solidify his position as being the Constitutional position, but also for Paul to ask why Cain supported the Constitutional stance before Awlaki's death but then flip flopped after he died.

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Occupy Wall Street and the next debate

There is a slight possibility that Occupy Wallstreet can be mentioned at the next debate, if so I think this can be a perfect opportunity for Dr. Paul.

Ron can mention that the people want the special interests out of politics- and the perfect point can be made that Ron Pauls campaign funds are from individual donors and differs from Perry and Romney who are already bought by the corporations.

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Ron Paul on Heroin/ War on Drugs

Here is the latest analysis of Ron Paul's position on legalization of drugs from the Practical Ethics blog at Oxford University:

Would love to see your discussion over on the blog ... what do you think?

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Supporters can debate with an anti-Ron Paul radio "political analyst" today at 3pm CST

Mr. Caryl J Boyd, one of our frequent and most ignorant trolls, has issued a challenge for Ron Paul supporters to debate him on his radio show today. If you have the time to take him up on this offer, I suggest you convince some of his listeners that Boyd is very, very misinformed. But, make sure you know what you are talking about ;) I have noticed on his Facebook page that not all of his listeners are happy about the misinformation regarding Paul.

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Another GOP debate in Florida

It was just announced on the Jacksonville news that there will be another GOP debate in Florida! The debate is confirmed to be held between Jan. 22nd and the 30th. in JACKSONVILLE. This will be very important for the Florida Primary which has been moved up to Jan. 30th. By the way, moving the date up causes Florida to loose half our electoral votes for this primary. This is sure to be a very influential debate, occurring so close to the primary. Venue has not yet been selected. I will update when the details become available.

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If Ron Paul Does Not Speak Out at the Next Debate I Will Be Very Disappointed - Enough of the "Underdog" Stuff

Ron's campaign is one that is much more interactive with it's supporters. The millions of fervent supporters dole out cash on a whim, like stated in recent news articles, for our guy. But...if there is going to be so much money going in, then I anticipate some of the output of our ideas coming out. One of these ideas is that Ron should be speaking out more at the debates. Here are my thoughts as to why this should be happening:

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BLACKOUT The Mainstream Media Day

Not sure if this was thought up before... In wake of the mainstream media (CNN,FOX,NBC, etc.) treating Ron Paul unfairly I think we should schedule a day where we turn off all of our tvs at once and not give them views. I believe if we can get their views to drop significantly it will send an impact on them. Not only that but also email their advertisers as a heads up (e.g. maybe suggesting that Ron Paul should have adequate time during the debates in the emails, Doesn't he deserve it?). Hopefully this will encourage them to allocate more time to Ron Paul.

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Please be civil when trying to change people's minds

Hi all,

I don't have many posts but come here often to stay up to date. Thank you all for all the hard work you are doing.

On Monday a local radio host here in Asheville, NC talked about why he thought Herman Cain would be a good President after the debates.

He was immediately beset by followers of all the other candidates but especially Ron Paul supporters who he says in a Facebook post,

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Erick Erickson of RedState is unimpressed with debates wants to host his own.

Erick Erickson of RedState feels a lot like us; He's tired of the same debate jargon. He would rather host an informal debate in order to really get to know the candidates. He too is tired of witnessing Perry and Romney have a love affair while everyone else stands on stage like props, and I think we all have ascertained that If we continue to allow these two to try and reconcile their differences, we're gonna have to let this thing go a whole lot longer than just this election period.

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INTERESTING=>Are young voters too blind to see the problem?


The youth who seem to support Obama, are the same that will carry the debt/spending burden. They appear to be unconcerned about the consequences of excessive big GOV spending.

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Fox/Google Debate poll: Which GOP Candidate Can Best Spur Economic Growth? RP@70%

In the Republican presidential candidates' debate Thursday night, who do you think has the best approach to spurring economic growth?

Total of 12,821 votes
Ron Paul 70%(8,972 votes)
Mitt Romney 9.2%(1,184 votes)
Unsure 7.6%(980 votes)
Jon Huntsman 4.5%(571 votes)
Rick Perry 3%(380 votes)
Herman Cain 2.4%(303 votes)
Gary Johnson 1.3%(173 votes)
Newt Gingrich 1.1%(135 votes)
Michele Bachmann 0.6%(78 votes)

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