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More substance and leadership in 4 and a half minutes

Ron Paul gives more substance and real leadership in 4 and a half minutes than all of the other candidates combined in their hour and a half of answers.

it is really upsetting to see RP marginalized and tucked away in these debates.

however, i thought Ron's answers when he was called on were absolutely fantastic.

that answer where he basically used about 5 seconds to answer the question should tell you all you need to know about this constitutional leader.

he lives and breathes it, and isnt just a suit. he also answers questions; unlike all the other politicians.

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debate psyops

At the Fox debate (Sept 22), only Ron Paul got the question about abortion and rape because psychologically it links an ugly subject and its corresponding feelings of discomfort and terror with the one candidate speaking on the subject - Ron. On such an important issue why wasn't any other candidate asked their opinion?

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Fox News Debate Failed in Candidate Face Time Matching Poll Standings

Fox News and Google purported to have a novel approach that would remedy the criticisms from past Republican Debates, where they have became a two-man Romney/Perry show. Although the other candidates stand on the stage, they do not receive the same attention as the mainstream media front runners. Rep. Ron Paul has been placing third in most polls, but he's not receiving the proximate attention for the candidate down one from the Top Two. For that matter, other than Romney/Perry, follow up questions have not occurred.

Read results here:

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Fox and Friends Debate Poll - Airing 9/23/11 - TOO close TO call

Please vote in the Fox and Friends debate poll. This will be aired on the show. It is a very close race, not a runaway.

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VIDEO Ron Paul Knocks 95% Agreement out of Hannity Cold After Fox Debate

VIDEO Ron Paul Knocks Hannity Out Cold After Fox Debate + best of Paul in the debate.

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WSJ: Another Three-Ring Circus Ends With FOX Breaking Their Debate Rules

Another Three-Ring Circus Ends With FOX Breaking Their Debate Rules

So the latest 3 ring circus has just ended, and as usual, the mainstream media attempts to railroad Dr. Liberty. The thing is though, Ron Paul was on FIRE tonight. Much to the chagrin of the traitorous hosts & break-time commentators, he didn’t just make the most of the mere six chances he had to speak, he knocked them out of the park!

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Just Remember This: Ron Paul Will Be In Debates When Only 2 Or 3 Are Left!

I know people are easily frustrated by these dog-and-pony debates. We all see Dr. Paul passed-over and skipped and parroted. It seems so overwhelming...but it's NOT! It is GROWING, and GROWING! And, he WILL be there UNTIL THE END! When there are only 2 left! That is when it will matter most!

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Ron Paul needs to be more assertive and go back to main issues after answering minor questions quickly

Ron Paul is doing quite good, but I would like him to make better use of the little time he is getting. He should answer the minor questions in a sentence or two and link it to other major issues and go back to talking on them - wars, spending, debt, FED, etc.
He should also question the moderators why he was not asked a particular question on any major issue, when he is ignored. And he should take the time to answer that question.

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Today was a good day for Ron Paul.

First, Ron Paul did wonderful in the FL debate. His answers were met with enthusiasm and he was given plenty of time to finish his thoughts.

His post-interview with Sean Hannity was (apparently) respectful and allowed Dr. Paul another favorable venue. I say apparently because I didn't see it and I'm only reporting what I've read here.

And finally, the good Doctor just informed the entire debate viewing audience that he is a contender in third place. I'm sure more than a few heads looked at each other and thought, "Really? I had no idea he's being taken this seriously."

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VIDEO: Ron Paul Educates Hannity in Post-Debate Spin Room

Mods please embed video

Taken on camera phone, sorry for shake and sound.

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Ron Paul Post Google / Fox Debate Interview With Hannity

Airing Date Sept. 22, 2011

Ron Paul Post Google / Fox Debate Interview With Hannity

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Stats on Fox News & Google Debate 9/22

If one looks at the polls as an indication as to how much debate allotment should be doled out to whom, then Fox has failed. Perry, Romney, Ron Paul, Bachmann are the order of the candidates in the polls, yet Ron Paul was only above Gary Johnson in his talking opportunities with only 6 total turns talking. Without the 3 blanket questions this left Paul with only 3 questions directed specifically to him, whereas Santorum, Huntsman, Bachmann, Gingrich and Cain were given more opportunities.

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Ron Paul Questions & Answers From The Fox News / Google Debate

Ron Got To Speak For 285 Seconds Of A 2 Hour Debate uggggggh
Airing Date Sept.22, 2011

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Ron Paul Banned on Justin TV station. Please help..

Evening patriots. I wondered onto this site.

The mod has literally ban the name Ron Paul from appearing in his chat.. Help me show them what r3VOLution 2.0 is all about....

Dont mention where you heard it...

Thanks for your help.... Well wishes....

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