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Fox News Post Debate Poll

here is a link to the poll

Ron Paul leading with 85%

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Only Two Questions To Ron Paul Within 1 Hour and 15 Minutes So Far

I've never seen such outrageous ignorance of a candidate at a debate. Huntsman has double the time while Ron Paul trumps him in the polls. Same goes for Herman Cain, Santorum, Newt, and Bachmann.

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FOX trying to create Paul vs. Johnson rivalry?

This might be cynical, but I have a conspiracy that FOX news invited Johnson to attempt to split the Ron Paul, Gary Johnson vote.

My proof is the question to Johnson about why he would be better than Paul.

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Vote on LIVE Debate questions:

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Ron Paul and Gary Johnson winning Fox poll

Who do you look forward to hearing from during the Fox/Google 2011 GOP presidential debate?
Johnson 25.55--Ron Paul 24.04.

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URGENT: Florida P5 GOP Debate Straw Poll Goers-

Florida GOP Debate goers -
You may not want to wear or carry any RP stuff. If you do, hide it.

Seems the Florida GOP has stooped to complete desperation and is screening people:

You might even want to go stealth (and gag all night) and wear a Romney or Perry shirt instead.

Take a button up shirt/blouse/dress, tie, slacks, and suit jacket as well, in case they use T-shirts as a disqualification for entry.

Be prepared to counter whatever reason they may pull out of their you know whats.

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Orlando Debate Drinking game

Any one up for a drinking game during the debate tonight. I thought with the new chat this could be fun and take the pressure off some of us (myself included) that turn into a ball of rage by the end of the debate.

Here's what I got so far..

Drink if

If anyone uses the phrase "honest conversation"
Any time Ron Paul is skipped on a question
Any time he is cut off by the moderator mid sentence
Any time Herman Cain says 9-9-9
Any time Santorum seems Douchey
When Romney or Perry get more then one rebuttal.
When Ron Paul gets asked a Loaded Question.


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Watch the Fox Debate Live TONIGHT on Youtube

You Asked the Questions.
Now, the Republican Candidates Will Answer.

On September 22, the Republican primary candidates will meet in Orlando, Florida for the Fox News/Google Debate - and they’ll be answering YOUR questions. Tune in at 9:00 pm EDT to watch the live debate.

Promotional Youtube Debate Commercial:

Live Stream tonight at 9pmEST / 8pmCST:

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Ron Needs To Mention The Fox News Poll They Decided NOT To Report Him Winning

I think Ron needs to bring up the media blackout especially since he WON fox's own poll TODAY. I hope he knows to bring it up or that the campaign knows to let him know about him WINNING the poll TODAY.

Let's say they DO start reporting him winning, he still should bring UP the poll itself and ask why is it is HE is winning all their own polls do they still report pArry and Mittens as the frontrunners?

Call em out ron

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Fox News-Google Debate Gets 20,000 Viewer Questions

Two softball questions that Ron Paul can hit out of the park!

"The hottest topic is immigration, and it was the topic of the most popular submitted question:
"With so many people waiting years if not decades to enter this country legally, why do we give illegals so many benefits, like free health care, schooling, and in-state-tuition while denying these things to American citizens and legal residents?"

"Another hot topic is government spending and debt.

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