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Ron Paul's closing statement

It's not that bad, but...

This is one point in every debate where he could really lay it on the line instead of using his "I support the cause of liberty" response.

Something like this is what I want to hear:

"You know, we get together for these debates... and as republicans we generally all agree the kinds of things that need to be done with almost every issue that faces America.

My whole question is...

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Time to step it up RON!

He needs to fight hard to make an impression in this debate. He needs to fight as hard tonite as he has all his life, or our donations are wasted.

He needs to take on Perry and Cain and bury them!

He needs to speak out!!!!

If not, he will be mired in ridiculous questions while attempting to use rhetoric America is too dumb to understand.


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Where is Ron Paul's suit!

that he wore when he was grilling Bernake about gold being considered money? I remember a few members concerned about a suit that President Paul was wearing during one of the television debates because it wasn't particularly appealing. When I heard that, something clicked in my head and I remembered the suit he was wearing in this interview because it made a great impression.

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Herman Cain - Disturbing Things in Stage Video from Florida

Herman Cain's Video Introduction at Florida GOP.

There are some very disturbing things in the introduction video for Herman Cain at the GOP's Florida debate given on Saturday.

I thought it looked scary when I saw it. I heard others say the same thing. I don't doubt a lot of people left the room to not hear Cain.

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Why are Rick Perry and Mitt Romney Getting Twice as Much Talking Time?

While I'm no Alex Jones fan, it's kinda cool that they picked up on my stats and gave it some front page love:

From the article:

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Can Someone Edit or Create a Wikipedia Page Stating Who Won the Debates according to the online polls?

I was just on wikipedia and looking at when the next debates were going to be held when I saw that it didn't mention who the winners were according to the online polls. I think Ron has won them all from what I understand and I'm thinking we should try and edit the website concerning who won the debates???

This is the website I want to edit:,_2012

Can someone fish up the information we need to show he won every debate according to all the online polls and not according to the MSM polls alone???

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Saturday Night Live-Republican GOP Debate-We have a Ron Paul Character.

OK. So, of course it made fun of him. But, the sketch made fun of everyone. If letting cute puppies die in a fire is the best they got, I take it as a win.

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Rick Perry and Mitt Romney Just Lost A Few Million More Votes

For the first time ever, I did not mind how Ron Paul received scant attention in this 2 hour soap opera debate.

Perry was taking on some heavy water due to his HPV vaccine executive order, and Michelle Bachmann took the needle last night and gave Perry another jab of his own medicine...picture that.

But that was just a warm up shot. Bachmann was playing nurse before Rick Perry got shot up last night. His game is up. He stumbled in his speech, badly.

Rick Perry essentially told America that if we do not fund illegal aliens with a college education, we are heartless.

0 votes post-debate article -- No RP problems

Here is a link to the latest article analyzing the Fox/Google debate. Perry and Bachmann have problems as usual, but Ron Paul is unscathed.

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I have two debate ideas.

Last night during the FOX debates, Santorum and Bachman just chimed in out of the blue and were allowed to talk talk talk.

It was not their turn and they took up a lot of time.

SO - I suggest that once that little bell goes off, you have 10 seconds to finish talking or else YOUR MICROPHONE IS TURNED OFF.
AND if it's not your turn and you try to blurt something out, THE MIC IS OFF.

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It's going to be Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney for the nomination: the nation gets an education as Ron easily wins one-on-one debates

America will get an education in the middle of economic chaos and wars. Ron Paul simply using the truth and common sense then becomes the next POTUS.

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I have mixed feelings about Hannity this time around.. Thoughts?

Look, I hated his face when during the 2008 campaign and how mean he was. However, you have to give credit where its due; Hannity has actually been (considering we know he is best buds with Cheney and all) the most fair of ALL the neo cons and GOP talking heads. Bottom line is that Levin and Medved are the worst (well, actually the worst is Pedhoritz, Bill Kristol, Bill Bennet, David Horowitz, David Frum...

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Just Remember This: Ron Paul Will Be In Debates When Only 2 Or 3 Are Left!

I know people are easily frustrated by these dog-and-pony debates. We all see Dr. Paul passed-over and skipped and parroted. It seems so overwhelming...but it's NOT! It is GROWING, and GROWING! And, he WILL be there UNTIL THE END! When there are only 2 left! That is when it will matter most!

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The final nail on Rick Perry - this will do him in, but which candidate will throw this punch?

At the very least - Dr. Paul, if you or anyone of your staff reads this, please address and make an issue of the scope and legitimacy of executive orders.

  1. Executive orders apply to executive branch employees. THEY DO NOT APPLY TO THE AVERAGE CITIZEN.
  2. Since Governor Perry does not understand this limitation on Executive Authority he has shown himself unfit to be the leader of a free People.

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