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Eric Bolling



We've clearly got a federal reserve lacky and war monger in ERIC BOLLING who's clearly going after Ron Paul. He never misses an oppertunity to attack Ron Paul with off-base bullcrap. Below are some general videos of this loser;

Eric Bolling Has No Concept Of importance of Civil Liberties.

On Ron Paul working with "progressives and socialists".
(Go to 4:53 in the video)

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Solyndra -- Tip of the Crony-Capitalist Iceberg

The problem President Obama has with Solynrda is not necessarily isolated to the company and its collapse. The real problem lies in the fact that Solyndra symbolizes the collapse of the crony capitalist model that has become the hallmark of administration policy.

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Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune would make Goebbels proud

Addressing us from his bully pulpit, Chicago Tribune writer Eric Zorn condescends with an arrogance so smug he puts most of his colleagues to shame.

Here he vents his being dumbfounded by reactions to his latest piece from Ron Paul supporters, and media skeptics the world over:

Here's a batch of hate mail, most likely selected for publication based on their poor grammar and spelling:

Put Eric on Jay Leno!

I was so touched by this man's handsome voice and the touching words of his song that I had an idea. Folks let's get this man on Jay Leno the night before Super Tuesday! I grew up in the same area with Leno and he didn't know me but I hope that the mention of the hometown will get me some attention on this one!

Please write to Jay here:

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