Washington State


Update: Ron Paul wins majority of delegates in Washington state. However, my inside sources just told me that GOP Chairs in different districts are withholding information on Delegates!

Please post this everywhere you know to let the media know we will not tolerate this kind of behavior from the GOP or from them.

Here we go, from Lew Moore's wife Maureen, which is about as official as it gets:

Hello everyone,

By our very preliminary count from you reports it is looking like we have at least twice the delegates as the other candidates!!

Washington State - Your Help is Needed

Update: The election is NOT over. Ron Paul is a 'frontrunner' in Washington State. The press have been good to him there, according to TJ who wanted me to add this link to my post.


To all supporters in Washington State or those who might see a way to get out there, here is an appeal from TJ, who is heading up the Gold Rush effort there and needs your help before the Feb 9th Caucuses:

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