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Precincts 4 Paul Organize Collaborate Locally Help Elect Delegates in your Precinct, District, County, and State to Nominate RP!

My fiance and I have created a forum to focus specifically on organizing precincts to elect delegates for Ron Paul in caucuses and primaries around the country we have taken the time to make forums for each state, please register and post a topic under your state including your county and precinct. We will then either make you an admin so you can create subforums for your local area or we will go ahead and make the subforums for you to better organize ourselves Geographically.

Why Ron Paul did *best* in NH

Here, thanks to some number crunchers from the FSP who live in NH, is another way to see that NH actually did have a higher percent that one might think:

First, NO other state with a Primary shows Ron Paul Paul over 7%

New Hampshire - 8%
New York - 7%
Michigan & Tennessee - 6%

Before any results were in, Jason Sorens, FSP founder, stated:

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