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Something smells funny.

Does it sound a little fishy that the current administration is on the ropes, and then this Alleged Terror Plot comes up? Here's a link you should see:


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Memo to Republican National Committee: Give Us Ron Paul or We Will Give You Obama

This thread is up to you to fill in.

What would you say to the Republican National Committee?

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Ron Paul vs. Barack Obama…

(ThyBlackMan.com) Make no mistake about it. This election boils down to a contest between Ron Paul and Barack Obama. None of the other Republicans is different enough, or powerful enough, to entice the country to change horses in midstream. Yes, they sound different, but would any of them end the wars or stop the upward flow of wealth to a fewer and fewer few? Ron Paul would stop the wars, and as for reversing the increasing concentration of wealth, who knows, but he would move to radically alter our financial structure. And that is why they say he doesn’t have a chance.

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Mowing the grass in Yemen

Claims that Awlaki was an Al-Qaeda leader or that he was directly involved in any terrorist action have never been substantiated. His murder was clearly just another feather in Obama’s warrior headdress as he launches his re-election campaign this autumn, notes Eric Walberg.

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Obama Abomination to Civil Liberties

Obama Record of Tyranny Against Civil Liberties

From Jonathan Turley op-ed at the LA Times:

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Obama will not be impeached

Here is my take on why Obama will not be impeached (at least in this term) for the unconstitutional assassination of an American citizen in a country where no war has been declared.

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Urgent from Stewart Rhodes: Give Me Your Top Ten Unconstitutional Bush Actions

I am about to write a blistering rebuttal to a neocon, Bush kool-aid drinking diatribe that acts as though the Bush years never happened, and only under Obama was the Constitution subverted. As usual, these neocons totally ignore the incredibly destructive, unconstitutional, treasonous actions of the Bush Admin and only complain about what has happened in the past three years, as if they were in a coma till January, 2009. I cannot at this time disclose the document I am rebutting, but I will post it, along with my rebuttal, after I am done.

Please help me by adding your top ten list (or top 20!) of Bush Admin crimes against the Constitution.

I think I already have a pretty decent list, but let me know if I am missing anything.

My top ten list of Bush Admin crimes against Constitution:

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OWS is misguided statists

These list of "grievances" comes from these people. When you read them, please note that they find almost no fault with the powerful central government that stomps on individual liberty.


-They have taken our houses through an illegal foreclosure process, despite not having the original mortgage. (Just another example of people not wanting to pay their bills or abide by legal contracts.)

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5 questions . for Ron Paul

1. You voted for the initial Afghanistan invasion, targeting those who attacked the U.S. on 9/11. Many people view you as a complete pacifist. Are those people correct or is your foreign policy view misunderstood?

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