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Can Someone Edit or Create a Wikipedia Page Stating Who Won the Debates according to the online polls?

I was just on wikipedia and looking at when the next debates were going to be held when I saw that it didn't mention who the winners were according to the online polls. I think Ron has won them all from what I understand and I'm thinking we should try and edit the website concerning who won the debates???

This is the website I want to edit:,_2012

Can someone fish up the information we need to show he won every debate according to all the online polls and not according to the MSM polls alone???

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ABC News has epiphany over Ron Paul

ABC news has finally admitted to Ron's showing of support in the debate with this article here:

If you read the ensuing commentary, you will see that savvy Paul supporters do not buy the idea that one guy with a computer voted 80,000 times!

Let's hope FOX NEWS understands that they will not get away with any hanky panky on May 15th...

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