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Yahoo News - Ron Paul Wins the Barry Manilow Nod

• Ron Paul gained a particularly vocal new supporter in Barry Manilow. (Daily Caller)

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Fox News - Barry Manilow a Ron Paul Fan

Grammy award-winning musician Barry Manilow told The Daily Caller that he agrees with “just about everything” 2012 Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul says, calling him a “solid” contender for the highest office in the land.

“I like him. I like what he says, I do. I like what he says. I think he’s solid,” said Manilow, who confirmed to TheDC in an interview at the Capitol on Thursday that he contributed to Paul’s last campaign for president.

“I agree with just about everything he says. What can I tell you?” Manilow added.

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Ron Paul CNN Interview

ron paul setting the record straight

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TSA-Morning Express

Anyone with Facebook please help me in informing Ms.Meade and those who listen to her, why this is still wrong.
I have read some of the remarks..I can not believe some think its great..and others say they dont care if TSA checks their children.

Morning Express with Robin Meade

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Us News - Ron Paul's Issue With Style Over Substance

Rep. Ron Paul knows he's not the most silver-tongued in the field of 2012 presidential candidates, something that's been painfully obvious during the recent gantlet of televised debates. "At times I've been criticized for my lack of ability to give public speeches and all these other things," he said at an August campaign stop in New Hampshire. "But I'll tell you what, where I get my energy is from the people like you who are energized because of the very valuable message. I've never backed off on the message."

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CBS News - Ron Paul: Time To Stop Spending Trillions On War

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul said Monday that America could save trillions of dollars if the country cut funding from wars - "and all the nonsense that we do around the world."

The Texas Representative argued in Monday's Republican presidential debate that, rather than eliminating programs like Social Security and prescription drug benefits for seniors, America could reduce trillions' worth of spending in conflicts abroad .

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Yahoo: Audience cheers leaving uninsured to die (picture of Ron Paul)

Yahoo News is framing it so that it looks like Ron Paul wants the uninsured to die. In order to find out what Ron Paul really said (and it was a great answer that anyone can understand) you have to dig through many videos.

Yahoo is among the worst of the worst when it comes to anti-liberty propaganda.

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Next Debate ORLANDO, FL 09/22/2011

09/22/2011 6:00 PM.

Fox will be pimping for Perry.

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WTC Power Downs Before 9/11 - new information

Here is some for me new information about 911. Very powerful.

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Among The Costs Of War: Billions A Year In A.C.?

Among The Costs Of War: Billions A Year In A.C.?

I hadn't read this until the debates this week, so I looked it up.

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Come post on jon stewarts website!

i posted a topic on jon stewarts website for a story idea help get stewart to cover these polls by posting some replies

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