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US News Story on Ron Paul & fema - huge majority of poll favors disbanding fema

As of this posting, a whopping 88% of those polled favored disbanding FEMA. Apparently the populous is with Paul on this one:

Story here:

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Fox News Poll *Active* - Do You Think FEMA Should Be Eliminated? Click to Vote!

Active poll at Fox News. Do you think FEMA should be eliminated? Scroll down to bottom certer of page. Go Vote!

Click Link to Vote-->

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Foxs News Front Page - Paul: Bernanke Is Out of Options to Save Economy

Chairman Ben Bernanke is not calling for another fix to the economy by the Federal Reserve because he's already used up all the quivers in the Fed's bow, Rep. Ron Paul said Sunday.

Paul is a 2012 Republican presidential candidate and supports the U.S. returning to the gold standard to protect its currency and force a balanced budget. He has been highly critical of the Federal Reserve and its chairman over plans for "quantitative easing," a two-part program which flooded the market with dollars in an attempt to make money more available for borrowing and lending.

Paul argued that Bernanke's plan to buy bank assets and drop more than $2 trillion into the economy did not yield the results the chairman hoped, a conclusion that Paul says Bernanke implicitly acknowledged during a speech last week in which he offered no new bailout programs from the Fed.

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Ron Paul Interview On Fox News Sunday: Talks Fema, Libya, Mises & More

Airing Date Aug 28.2011

Ron Paul Interview On Fox News Sunday: Talks Fema, Libya, Mises & More

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Ron Paul will appear on Fox News with Chris Wallace this Sunday

Fox News just said that Ron Paul would be a guest with Chris Wallace this Sunday. 'Check your local listings for times'. I even grabbed my little camera and recorded it just so I had proof (video or it didn't happen type people
:-) )

Maybe someone can embed it for me:

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I Hope Ron Paul Raises the Following Question in Chris Wallace's Fox News Sunday on 8/28/11

Ron Paul will be on Fox News Sunday hosted by Chris Wallace this weekend.

It was Chris Wallace who was one of the leading voices to announce after the results of Ames Straw Poll that the new Top Tier for GOP 2012 is Romney, Perry and Bachmann.

I hope Ron Paul will ask Chris Wallace the following question:

Why Did You not Include Me (Ron Paul) to the Top Tier Position for GOP Race even when I almost Tied the First Place with Bachmann Losing only with 152 Votes?

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Ron Paul on New Hampshire's News Radio AM 610 with Paul Westcott - August 25, 2011

Ron Paul on New Hampshire's News Radio AM 610 with Paul Westcott - August 25, 2011

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Perry leading nationally, Romney second, Paul third

Finally a Article that mentions Ron Paul.

Less than two weeks into his official campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, Rick Perry has a 12-point lead over Mitt Romney, according to a nationwide Gallup poll of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents released Wednesday. Perry, the Texas governor, received the support of 29 percent of the poll's respondents.

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O'Reilly's Spin Zone

I just watched O'Reilly's segment on the crazy Ron Paul, and I have to say, it's oozing with obvious bias, misstatements, and outright lies.

For instance, Morris said that "Those 13% who love Ron Paul should be prepared for Obama to be re-elected if Paul wins the nomination," to which O'Reilly responded, "Because there's no way that Paul would win a general election." Of course, they ignore Paul's nearly neck-and-neck standing against Obama.

They say that Paul would advocate a gold-backed currency, which would hold our economy hostage to the gold mined out of South Africa.

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I just saw an ad for "The O'Reilly Factor" tonight

and the ad was saying that if Ron Paul is saying the media is ignoring him then why did he decline an offer to come on the factor. Looks like they might be playing this up.

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Is this true?

This can't be true can anyone explain this?

P.s I just believe what the manager says is not what Ron Paul would say because he said before he's never opposed being interviewed by anyone!

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