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Obama Finally has a Primary Challenger: Ron Paul!

Well, not exactly. But disaffected Democrats can take heart. There is a candidate who supports many of their same views and has a history of being a thoughtful, smart, and honest individual. I’m speaking, of course, of Congressman Ron Paul.

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Play it safe - Register Republican Now!

In an attempt to limit Ron Paul's reach, the rules across the nation are suddenly being changed where you must now be a registered republican to vote in the primaries. This, according to an article by the pro-Ron website,

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Oklahomans for Ron Paul

TV News Clip that notices Ron is already being promoted...

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The Message of Ron Paul - Let's hit the airwaves

We are ramping things up here in NH, plotting and planning for Ron and clearing the way for debates, radio programs, interviews, and other appearances with many coalition groups.

A commenter gave me an idea. While we are concentrating on early states like NH and their local groups and shows, national shows like Noory's on Coast to Coast would be a great way to get the message out to all the states. Ron can simply call in from wherever he is.

Here is how to do it..please be nice...these folks interviewed Pat Buchanan many times on his way to winning the NH Primary..

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