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The Famous End the Fed Protester Reveals Himself!

If you missed it the first time, here it is:

His name is Chris and he is speaking out again regarding ending the Fed.

He's also set up a web site:

Yes he's a big Ron Paul supporter too in case some of you missed that part in his original YouTube video.

He's answering questions on Reddit if you have an account there at this link:

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Comment Bomb idea.

Hey all!
I'm poor, so I need other ways to help:

We NEED is a continuous video, article, and poll "comment bomb".

Basically, we should team up to go through all the major videos/polls/articles on Paul and others, and respond to people's comments.

When you see the same-old baseless crap attacks on Paul, we should respond with a well-crafted logical answer complete with sources.

We can then challenge and change the minds of those who believe the lies one at a time, from the internets!

I have been doing this for a while, and have had good conversations!

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Daily Show video of Ron Paul #16

The video of Jon Stewart calling the media out for ignoring Ron Paul after the Iowa straw poll is #16 on the Daily Show's all-time most-watched list. Ron Paul is going on the Daily show at the end of the month, and it'd be nice if Ron Paul supporters could get that video to #1, or at least close to it. We also might want to start an effort to get a bunch of Ron Paul supporters in the studio for the taping. I think it was scheduled for the 27th, but verify with the Ron Paul campaign and see about getting tickets.

You can watch the video here:

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Ron Paul Can't Win? Video Showing People Spontaneously Picking up a Burning Car

Inspirational video about what ordinary people can do without any prompting.

Ron Paul can't win? Watch this.

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American Soldiers Are Waking up

Just received this on the Meetup News Roundup. It may have been posted before, but worth watching again. Also, needs some new comments.

American Soldiers Waking up-Support of Taking America Back

Keep your head up this 4th of July!

We have a lot to think about and a long ways to go, but we'll get there.

Weekend Watching - Fiat Empire

This is as much an educational campaign as a presidential campaign. Monetary inflation is one of the primary reasons Dr. Paul first ran for Congress in the 1970's. In this video - which includes interviews with Ron Paul -- learn why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution.

Think Different: Ron Paul for President

This looks like a professionally produced ad, and it is great! If you scroll your mouse along the bottom, a menu pops up with a lot of other videos that you can watch as well. I haven't watched them all yet...

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How to win support for Ron Paul

I have just compiled a list of 'teaching' videos, that is, videos you can use for people who say, 'Who is Ron Paul and what does he stand for' or, 'Is Ron healthy enough' or 'What is Ron's voting record' etc. There is something here for all the issues just about, to let Democrats, Republicans, and Independents see for themselves. Just copy this list of videos. I did all the work so you don't have to.

First, Ron on the debates:

FOX and MSNBC polls ARE correct truer random samplings of the people:

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Ron Paul on WMUR TV's Blog

WMUR-TV is the major NH television station that will cover and carry the June 5th New Hampshire GOP debate at St. Anselm's College.

I have started a group there and hope we can get NH residents and others to sign up and support Ron.

Here is the URL:
The name of the group is NH 4 Ron Paul

We need NH photos, videos and articles for Ron's political page here:

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