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Look at what Jason Whitlock has to say about the war on drugs...


you'll find it in the 8th paragraph. i don't really follow sports like most guys my age, but i always try to read what Witlock has to say. i have yet to find myself disagreeing with him.

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UFC 93 - Ron Paul supporter fighting in the welterweight division


about a month ago i started taking mixed martial arts training here in Indianapolis. on the second day my brother wore a Ron Paul Revolution t that we both bought at Ron's speech in Ft. Wayne, IN. a few of the guys asked where he had gotten it. turns out there are quite a few RP fans who train there including Chris Lytle.

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write your Senators and ask them to sponsor the reciprocity bill


the letters are pre-written so it will take less then a minute.

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Marines bring combat training to Indianapolis


i don't listen to his show, but i'm sure he'll be all over this one.

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i guess Bush isn't all bad...


the guy did give up golf in tribute to all the American soldiers he's getting killed in Iraq. i'm sure that makes the families of all the buddies i lost over there feel so much better.

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where Rockefeller got his education in fascism


maybe it was the Reichstag fire that occurred the same year that gave him the idea for 9/11


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the global warming tax is upon us


i know we have some Californians on here. you guys better get out your pen and paper and start writing your state reps like crazy.

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McCain has complete confidence in Bernanke...


McCain said through his economic adviser Doug Holtz-Eakin that he had “complete confidence in Chairman Bernanke and the actions of the Federal Reserve…. John McCain understands the federal government’s responsibility to ensure the stability of the U.S. financial system….”

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just got this from the Ron Paul campaign cocerning Indiana delegates

You still may have a chance to be appointed a delegate to the State Convention even if you did not file a CAN 37. Get involved now in your County Republican Party. Volunteer and attend all their events. After the primary, ask your local County Chairman if you may fill any vacant delegate seat the County has been unable to fill. If this year is like most years, the local parties will have a hard time getting people to fill all the available seats. Getting appointed is a good possibility.

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by any means necessary

here in Indiana, at least in Hendricks County and Johnson County, you can get a list of people who filed to be GOP delegates. this list includes home addresses. i've heard people on here passing out America: Freedom to Fascism dvds. instead of passing them out to random people why not mail them to people who are going to be delegates? include a few Ron Paul slim jims and maybe a copy of a Ron Paul dvd.

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is the Bilderberg Group trying to infiltrate the NRA?

a company called Cerberus Capital Management has been buying up gun companies over the past few years. they now own Bushmaster Firearms, Remington Arms, Cobb Manufacturing and DPMS Panther Arms.

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Indiana delegates

the deadline to file for delegate was in February. but i finally got an email back from the Chairman of my county concerning empty delegate slots.

in Indiana you can contact the Chairman of your county GOP. tell them that you would like to fill any empty slots for delegate. they don't have to be from the precinct you reside in. as long as you live in that county you are eligible.