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From EPJ, A link between Ebola outbreak and US bioweapons lab

What's behind the ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone? Could it possibly be a US bioweapons project gone amuck? Why are US military agencies taking the lead in responding to the breakout? These are questions that need to be asked.

"There are many villages in the eastern part of Sierra Leone that are basically devastated," virologist Robert Garry of Tulane University told National Pubic Radio. "We walked into one village ... and we found 25 corpses. One house with seven people, all in one family, were dead.

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Feb 11th NSA protest


If you're in the US: Thousands of websites will host banners urging people to call/email Congress. Plans may change, but we intend to ask legislators to oppose the FISA Improvements Act, support the USA Freedom Act, and enact protections for non-Americans.

If you're not in the US: Visitors will be asked to urge appropriate targets to institute privacy protections.

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How bout a Ron Paul Channel Promo Contest

The contest would use the great job that so many supporters did in 2008 and 2012 to create youtube videos to promote The Ron Paul Channel. Contrast the MSM with the content from RPC. I remember the great videos from GHoebberX and eLIB3RTY, as well as others. We could get the grassroots to support this post these videos and create A "subscription bomb"


you know what to do.

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Should the Blimp fly over the GOP Convention? Vote


Should we work to help all those delegates that worked so hard by not just sign waving in Tampa by non-delegates but also getting the Ron Paul Blimp over Tampa Aug. 27-30 and show the excitement we can bring!

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Is it just me or is Rand gonna run

Rand seems to be getting a lot of coverage lately.

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The power went out tonight preparing for the worst

Tonight the power is out and will be out most the night. It made me realize what all we need to prepare for. I had my chicken brining and ready to cook. Yet now that is not a possibility take time to think about this. If the power goes out and all you have is 2 four hour batteries for your laptop, What would you do?

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Top 10 posts of 2010? Post in comments

just a little fun as we reflect on another year gone by
and maybe help start the first edition of BleuCream013 idea http://www.dailypaul.com/node/153309

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Anyone got a video of Rand Paul v. Phil Gramm debate?

Erick Erickson at redstate seems to love Gramm. I am sure sending him this video would help Rand in the future.(never bad to have a CNN media guy on your side) See his posting below,


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Get Daily Paul Ranked


DP has a much higher Alexa ranking than the bottom feeders on the list.

DP should be ranked 29th according to Alexa

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Florida reneges on 52.7 Million owed to Taxpayers (Suckers)

LARGO | The state owes Floridians $52.7 million in unpaid solar energy rebates and has no immediate plan to honor its financial promise.

More Information:

* St. Petersburg Times

More than 15,800 people await the rebates, which were dangled before homeowners and businesses to encourage greater investment in solar energy technologies such as solar-power water heaters and electric systems.

The state’s new fiscal year, which started in July, marks the second consecutive year the Florida Legislature has refused to fund the popular program.

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1 Million 4 Rand

From Trevor at RPF

"I have the domain OneMillionForRand.com and am thinking about rolling it out next month. I'm wondering if there is any support for the idea of getting him a million dollars on August 20th. That's the one year anniversary of his first major money bomb (RunRandRun.com) which raised over $430,000. Today there are over 52,000 supporters for Rand Paul on facebook (there might have been 5,000 back then). If just one out of five could give $100 we could make the goal.

What do you think?"