• so...

    when i donated money to the ron paul campaign and this hack used it to bribe people, thats ok with you. I feel I was wronged by this guy.

  • do you think you have

    do you think you have influence over this system?

    what if the slaves all did not comply? Maybe they would not be slaves?

  • did you catch the end of the video?

    without intervention MONOPOLIES WILL FORM! Call your representatives. more regulation! Break up the timewarner/comcast merger.

    how about get rid of that whole notebook altogether and allow the free market to bring people the services they want without government control? I would like to see that.

  • Get off facebook!

    why would an activist who is opposed to centralized power want to promote themselves through facebook which is a CIA datamining operation?

    Maybe make a page on an open source decentralized service like diaspora?

  • Wait a second....

    ...we elect a president?

  • you make the argument...

    It is precisely because there is so little of it and it is so hard to find that there is and will continue to be demand. If every other rock you came across was a gigantic gold nugget then who would really care?

    I think your comment that gold is "without much contribution to meaningful production" is false. First you note that there is huge jewelry demand and then you act as if this is totally unimportant. But it is not. People have worn jewelry for thousands of years and there is a huge demand for this and there will continue to be demand for gold for this reason alone.

    Furthermore there is a tremendous amount of high-tech application for gold as it is the most malleable and ductal metal and amongst other things does not rust and is not magnetic.

    However all other issues aside the reason gold will retain value is because it is the best money the world has ever known. If you have not notices multiple national currencies are on the brink of collapse and china is importing 120+ tons of gold per month to for a new gold backed currency.

  • Yet Rand Paul Enthusiasm Remains High!

    ...keep telling yourself...this time it will be different...this time it will be ok...keep working through the system. (controlling oligarchs chuckle)

  • Lets see ...

    your theory is that rand is "playing the part" in ordered to fool this incredibly powerful government/corporate media complex into letting him take charge so that he can then turn around and double cross them and say "sorry, time to shut you down." and then that is going to turn out good for everyone?

    Sorry I just dont see that.

    wouldnt it be better to stand on principle. educate people, etc.

  • but

    Stupid to get a high priced worthless degree maybe, but if you were to go to an affordable community college and work hard and study like crazy so you could get in to a graduate program in engineering, medicine, biotech etc. Probably that would not be too bad.

  • nonsense

    how could anyone get excited about this guy.

    that whole article is selfcontradictory nonsense. get tough with putin, I wouldnt stand for his "invasion", but no troops, no war ok, just more missile bases in Europe.

    yeah, that will fix everything.

  • Better yet...

    ...just stop watching MSNBC/FOX NEWS etc.

  • why vote at all?


  • Character

    "I think it's important we focus more on the persons character..."

    Like exploiting information that someone risked their life to give you by signing million dollar contracts based on that information while you hide 99.9% of it from the public...all to the benefit of your billionaire handler.

    "Dont bite the hand that feeds you."

  • "I know, Wal-Mart forces

    "I know, Wal-Mart forces people to shop and work there, they have no other choices. "

    walmart does not force anyone to shop at their store and they do not force anyone to work there.

  • so why not use the election

    so why not use the election time interest in politics to talk to people about how corrupt and violent the whole system is and how voting is a scam? I dont think I will vote anymore either. I mean why?

    I increasingly think that the only way to win is to not play the game. No more violence. No more respect for violent systems.

  • JFK meets with Khrushchev...

    ...therefore he is a communist puppet.

  • I cant stand what an

    I cant stand what an establishment-supporting republican cheerleading speech this was. I had to turn it off after about 8 min. Wailing on and on about how bad dems are and how they change the rules. More and more bs. both parties are completely corrupt, worthless hopeless.

  • It might stop.

    Very interesting article. Thanks for putting it together. A lot to think about. I wont claim to know what will happen. but the advance of technology may stop. The future is not predetermined. Any number of things could stop it, economic collapse, war etc. It may also continue but lack penetrance, meaning many may chose not to participate even if the option is there.

    I still have one of those old nokia phones you mention. I have no need for a smart phone and do not want one. There are more people I talk to every day that are sick of all the technology. I have long gotten rid of cable tv. basically never watch it. Just a few websites is really all I would ever want. I would never have a google glass or anything remotely like it. I dont think I am alone in this.

  • right on

    I would agree with all your points I think. The reverse is also true as you say. Its a complex issue.

  • I see where you are coming

    I see where you are coming from and think its great you are home schooling. I think though that things are not as clear as you present and you come across as very judgmental to people where you have no idea about their situation.

    Are single parents renting out their kids by sending them to school while they work? Honestly many people are not able to home school due to work/financial reasons.

    In my particular case there is a very good private school right by our home. I know many of the teachers so they are not strangers. I think there are opportunities there that I could not provide by home schooling. I dont think sending kids to a place you feel good about is "renting them out."

    Also, many school days are 6 1/2 hours long leaving a great deal of time for parenting. The idea that by going to school someone else is raising the kids or that by choosing to send ones children to school a parent is forfeiting their role as parent is exaggerating just a bit i would say.