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Giant jellyfish spotted in the Adriatic for first time since Second World War

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The jellyfish can grow to more than three feet in diameter and is one of the rarest to occur in the Mediterranean

A giant, fuchsia-pink jellyfish has been spotted in the Adriatic Sea for the first time in 70 years.

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Are you an efficient technician?

Governments want efficient technicians, not human beings, because human beings become dangerous to governments – and to organized religions as well. That is why governments and religious organizations seek to control education.

-- Jiddu Kristnamurti
Education and the Significance of Life

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Planet X here we come! "Impossible" breakthrough!

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‘Impossible’ space drive tested by NASA foretells future of deep-space travel

From RT USA:

NASA has conducted long-awaited experiments to prove that the fabled space drive, capable of generating its own thrust and breaking a fundamental law of physics, works. If the find survives fresh scrutiny, space ship construction will be revolutionized.

The drive’s creator, British scientist Roger Shawyer, has been facing criticism since his 2006 claims, based on the premise that thrust can be created without huge thrusters, instead using electricity to direct microwaves inside a special container.

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The wrong crew is in command !

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R.E.M to Sing Shiny Happy People in Gaza Strip



LOS ANGELES – USA – Pop band R.E.M have reformed just for a rare concert in the Gaza strip, the band’s management company told Billboard yesterday.

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US, EU Begin Backing Down On Wild, Irresponsible Accusations Against Putin, Russia And East Ukraine Rebels

Europe has witlessly run along the exact same path that began WWI. The ‘rebels fighting an empire’ killing someone, then using that as an excuse to start a raging war between rival empires is happening alongside the ‘kill poor trapped natives far away and accuse them of being terrorists when Europeans invade and try to colonize them’ storyline. So, many times more women, children and elderly have been butchered in Gaza compared to the Ukraine event, while Europe and the US wail about the Malaysian plane shot down by someone, we have no idea who.

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It is becoming clearer to me

I've always been a little slow but I am coming to realize what is coming.

I'm not sure how I feel about the flood of immigrants coming through the border and I always try to put the shoe on the other foot.You know, what if you were in a desperate situation and the only thing preventing you from having a better life is just over that wall to the north.

That being said, I am reading reports of government dropping off hundreds of these people in cities around the USA. Who knows if it's true but if you want to read about it go to Drudge, he can tell you all about it.