• Hey, very well put man. I

    Hey, very well put man. I like that. Lesson for me as well.

  • Man, hearing a lot of good

    Man, hearing a lot of good music cuz of this thread. Thanks to you all. Carolina Chocolate Drops was some damn good stuff. My spotify list is growing.

    When you're married with children it's amazing how much your music listening time gets cut. When the heck do I have the time for anything but maybe some background music? To and from work is pretty much it. I like to play it at good volume.

    That said, calling Pink Floyd "horrible" is a little weird. Listen to Piper at the Gates of Dawn in the context of its time or even Dark Side in it's time and you get a band who was wildly innovative and moved the art form forward.

    If they aren't your thing, they aren't your thing, but "horrible"?

  • I'm listening now. I'm liking

    I'm listening now. I'm liking Lateralus but not in a way that you get your fill and are done with it. It's pretty nuanced and not instantly appealing, but grows on you, making you want to try it again. That's the kind of stuff that gets me.

    God, you know songs like Corporal Clegg by Floyd.
    It's somehow repulsive yet endearing all at once. Those guys were geniuses. You just don't see a lot of that subtlety, peppered with a bit of tongue-in-cheek, and drama all at the same time the way Floyd was able to accomplish.

  • Oh ok, I've definitely heard

    Oh ok, I've definitely heard this one. Never was a fan of Foo Fighters but this isn't bad. I tend to listen to older stuff so aside from Radiohead, Muse, maybe some Killers, I don't listen to a whole lotta current stuff. Maybe you can broaden my tastes a bit.

  • Hmm, I like it. Thanks for

    Hmm, I like it. Thanks for the post. Not familiar with this band.

    I'm a big fan of Pink Floyd. Nobody has brought to music what they brought IMO. One of a kind band for sure.

  • Free markets are like the

    Free markets are like the boogey man to leftists. They've never actually seen a real one in action but all their friends say it's reeeeeeeawwwy scaaaaawy. It'll eat you ALIVE!!

  • Yeah, cuz the Liberty

    Yeah, cuz the Liberty movement is totally about DNA, first and foremost. Then, maybe, you can talk about principles n' stuff.

  • Yeah, cuz Rand Paul is soooo

    Yeah, cuz Rand Paul is soooo much more reasonable than his extremist old dad, right?

  • He's being IRONIC you morons.

    He's being IRONIC you morons. Quit down voting him. Jesus never said that. That's his ENTIRE POINT.

    I think it's great.

  • 100% with Scott Horton on Rand

    Rand Paul has become the fucking go-to on what "libertarians" think. THAT's why he's a cancer. He's singlehandedly negated everything his father fought to teach all of us over the last 30 years.

  • Well, I agree, that's a much

    Well, I agree, that's a much better question that I'd like to see Ron Paul asked, but I don't really agree that Ron shows lack of principle by not calling his son out. I think that's asking a lot. At the same time, I'd like them to ask him in a way he can't so easily duck out of answering.

    I have no idea how Ron must feel watching his son take the positions he takes. It must be heart wrenching.

  • Wa, wa, well, R... Rand said

    Wa, wa, well, R... Rand said that bombing is goooood. What's wrong with yoooou?

    This is why Rand Paul is a fucking cancer. The movement is set back 20 years because of that asshole. Ron Paul's Revolution is dead. Thanks Rand.

  • During the secession crisis,

    During the secession crisis, many Republican newspapers wrote editorials expressing concern over the South becoming a free-trade zone that would make northern manufacturing less competitive due to the Republican/Whig agenda involving protectionist tariffs. One out of Boston I read (and I'll have to find again) almost overtly advocated swift military action to prevent this.

    If the South had been able to depart in peace, slavery would've begun to collapse under its own weight. The rest of the civilized world was abandoning the practice and the only thing propping it up in the US was the fugitive slave laws anyway.

  • Brotha, Lincoln was a

    Brotha, Lincoln was a proto-fascist, pro central banking, anti-hard money whig/republican. He always was. The greenback system was about financing a war of conquest that many banks were reluctant to finance and fulfilling the whig monetary "reform" agenda. You need to read Rothbard's History of Money and Banking in the United States: The Colonial Era to World War II my friend.

    The Money Masters is not good history.

  • I've lived almost my whole

    I've lived almost my whole life in Santa Clara, LA, and Sac counties. I used to get worked up about this non-issue but then I grew up to understand that it's GOVERNMENT that is the problem, not immigrants. I've also had the privilege of living in a very poor foreign country for 2 years which also gives you perspective. Quit falling for the same bullshit Americans have been falling for for the last 160 years of our history and using immigrants as a scapegoat for all your problems when the problem is this fallacious institution of theft and mayhem called the state.

  • You're 100% correct. Rand

    You're 100% correct. Rand backpedals constantly. Every time he says something RIGHT, he gets attacked by lying assholes and immediately he backpedals and starts saying stupid shit again. Calls Hillary a war hawk and earns the praise of libertarians and even many on the left? Well, all it takes is an attack by the likes of Jennifer Rubin and he's all about bombing ISIS. Wahoo, let's bomb!... well, I'd get congress to back me though.

    All this lack of principle makes him a weak target in the primaries.

  • Well, the fact is he DOESN'T

    Well, the fact is he DOESN'T agree with his son 99% of the time. What, you think he's gonna call out his own son and denounce his views publicly? Every time someone in the media confronts Ron about his son's views being different that his, he deflects and tells them he and his son don't talk about it. The differences in their policy positions couldn't be starker on ISIS, Ukraine, Israel, etc. Don't be a fool. Ron will say one thing and Rand will come out and say something almost polar opposite. Aren't you fucking paying attention?

  • Oh the horror... the HORROR!

    Oh the horror... the HORROR! Why do so many here get so worked up over immigrants? It's freakin ridiculous. Of all the problems on the list, this one is the least important.

  • He looks like he's wearing

    He looks like he's wearing his dad's blazer over an ugly ass blue mechanic's jumpsuit. Oh, and threw on a gaudy red tie to complete the "look." Wow man, dude needs a serious fashion intervention.

  • LoL, exactly what I meant!

    LoL, exactly what I meant!