• Yeah, what if he's a

    Yeah, what if he's a conservative, Hannity guy? Yuck. I would never be able to look at my wife the same again.

  • Will your statement hold true

    Will your statement hold true if he votes "yes" on his own declaration? Just curious.

    Even Justin Raimondo, who consistently defends Sen Paul, has expressed serious concerns about the wisdom of this move. This has "backfire" written all over it. Who is he NOT alienating by this ploy?

    Already, his "nuanced" reasons for it are completely lost on most of the media who's reporting this as Paul, once critic of foreign interventionism, is now calling on Obama to declare war on ISIS. This is already falling apart. Where's his press statement explaining what he "really" means?

  • Well, even Justin Raimondo is

    Well, even Justin Raimondo is calling this "likely to backfire" and he's been a Rand advocate for a long while now.

    It's just so poorly timed, poorly worded, and poorly thought out. If he votes against it, that'd be great, but I don't think he will, otherwise he would've hinted at that already. This amounts to political games. Keep both sides guessing as to what the hell he's up to at the risk of alienating EVERYBODY. I don't like it.

  • I personally haven't figured

    I personally haven't figured out a safe and reliable place to buy online. Has anyone used Peter Schiff's gold/silver services? It seems nice. Is there a better place? I mean, where's the Amazon-type site out there for buying?

    I plan on getting a silver eagle for every month of my daughter and son's life and then letting them have it when they turn 18, go to college, start a business, or whatever. So far, it'll amount to 60 coins. Much better than a cash account.

    Anyone have a great go-to place? Schiff seems pretty straight forward. They don't let you just buy online but have you speak with an agent. I've just never bought in this kind of bulk before.

  • It's strategically odd. I get

    It's strategically odd. I get the idea of forcing Congress to actually take back their authority, but to actually draft a full on declaration that includes timetables, limits on troop use, etc, he goes beyond just making a point. He's making proposals. It's really poor politics and this is going to backfire in a big way I fear.

    Ron Paul asked for a declaration of war in committee against a COUNTRY that had UN representation etc. He didn't go so far as to actually write out a freakin draft. He was making a point, on record, that Congress was about to do something illegal, i.e. transfer authority of war-making to the executive.

    This, is something entirely different.

  • He'd just say, "gosh, well, I

    He'd just say, "gosh, well, I thank you for your service..." like every other mindless moron in this country who somehow sees these wars as inevitable or necessary. These stories wake up a few folks here and there, but not the likes of Graham.

  • Why? I kinda like the Stephan

    Why? I kinda like the Stephan Molyneux take on this. The more people get on the dole, the sooner the inevitable implosion.

  • Dear God

    I don't cry easily. This damn thread made me. Truly horrifying. Fuck war and everyone who advocates for it. May the McCains of the world rot in Hell.

  • Also, Don't Forget

    That Jimmy Carter was the initiator of many of the deregulations that Reagan is credited with, namely, the deregulation of the trucking industry and airline industry, as well as the deregulating of oil prices.

    Reagan came in and signed executive orders making the changes immediate, but it was Carter who got the legislation through.

    For all his shortcomings, Carter was a pretty darn good President by modern standards. Was a FAR more fiscally conservative president than Nixon or Reagan.

  • The point is sir, that

    The point is sir, that immigrants (and I don't distinguish between so-called "legal" and "illegal" as these are artificial State designations that I reject) are every bit a part of America's greatness now as they have been for our entire history. My ancestors came from Ireland with nothing. No papers. No tests or departments they had to register in. They simply saved up enough to get on a ship. That's it, and they even got to vote when they got here.

    Your ideas of what immigration has been in this country are completely distorted. Immigration laws are the creation of protectionist, socialist, unionists and you've bought the garbage hook line and sinker. Come on brother.

  • I was kind of thinking the

    I was kind of thinking the same thing. I was a server and a bartender for almost 8 years and saw nice suburban white kids as well as my fair share of mexican cooks and busers fired for showing up late, slacking off consistently, etc. Not sure what kind of place he worked in, but the places I did were run pretty damn well and there was only one non-hispanic guy in the kitchen and maybe one or two non-hispanic busers the entire time.

  • What an asinine thing to say.

    What an asinine thing to say. I just pointed out that there were NO controls on immigration from the time of the Articles of Confederation clear up until the late 1800s and they were passed by PROGRESSIVES. The fact that you find those new laws, passed by the emerging socialist elite, legitimate and sacred says a lot about your need to further educate yourself my friend.

  • Yes, because nothing spells

    Yes, because nothing spells LIBERTY like mass deportation and building an iron curtain to keep the darkies out and the good liberty-loving folks in. Now THAT's a country I'd be proud of.

    Of course MY ancestors came her from Ireland without so much as filling out a form and even got to vote, but that was THEN and this is NOW. Our country has gotten soooo much better since then.

  • Well, I guess we both speak

    Well, I guess we both speak from our own experiences then. I worked with immigrants for more than a decade and found them, on the whole, incredibly hard working, doing jobs that, yes, most of the white kids didn't want to do. I'm an ER nurse now and immigrants make up the majority of our housekeeping staff, cleaning up biohazards, blood, bathrooms, etc. These are the first generationers if I can call em that. The second or third generationers are working right along side me as techs, nurses, and even physicians.

    You seem to understand very little about economics. Immigrants of the past came in completely unfettered, by the millions, and worked the lowest rung of jobs. There were no controls on immigration in this country until very recently in our history and they were passed by "progressives" because immigrants didn't join unions and other organizations that attempted to drive up wages by creating artificial labor scarcity. Your arguments were their arguments, and they are unfitting a libertarian ideal.

  • Strange Generalizations

    Funny, because most Christians I know profess to love God but fill their houses and political jargon with graven images to the State in the form of flags, soldier worship, etc and find it "honorable" to sacrifice a son's life on the altar of the State, no matter how absurd the cause.

    Most atheists I know are at least resistant to war and don't justify murder, sanctions, and mayhem the way Christians do. Christians seem to get almost a sensual gratification for war, it's disgusting.

    Most people worship different aspects of the State in their own way.

    Anarchist libertarians are few and far between, as are principled "progressives" like Glenn Greenwald, or principled religious folks like Laurence Vance or Tom Woods.

  • So what you're saying is,

    So what you're saying is, it's an envy thing on your part. Gotcha

  • Agreed

    I don't get how there are so many in this "movement" that are still so concerned about "illegal" immigration. I've lived many years of my life in immigrant heavy areas of California and spent most of my early work years with them in restaurants. They work their asses off for the most part. Far more than so many of their whiney, entitled, "citizen" counterparts. Many of them never take a day off and work multiple jobs because they have family here and in Mexico that depend on them for support.

    As far as I see it, two things to make this non-issue even more insignificant. End the war on drugs and end the entitlement system (which whites use far more of on the whole).

    Just like the morons on here that still get freaked out about gays and immigrants, the problem so often is exposure. If you actually know gay people and immigrants, you're FAR less likely to be a narrow-minded, fear-mongering, scapegoating dumbass on these issues.

  • I truly hate that all these

    I truly hate that all these horrible letters and posts get put out in Ron Paul's name. He has some of the absolute worst handlers in fucking history!

    Following him on fucking twitter is just nauseating. Why doesn't he speak for himself? I would look forward to HIS tweets. I mean, you'll have these huge news stories going and everyone's current on Twitter, talking and opining, and here's a tweet by Ron Paul "Why gold is the only true currency" and some link to some boring article.

    Christ almighty, I miss the real Ron Paul. Not this packaged version of him with his stupid "channel" and stupid useless institute that doesn't seem to be doing a damn thing.

  • God, I hope he chooses to

    God, I hope he chooses to make the executive action the focus here and not the subject of immigration itself. All these fucking idiot conservatives keep citing the Constitution and "the rule of law" when the fact is there WERE no federal immigration laws for more than a century after the Constitution's ratification. Immigrants could come here freely and even vote in most states, which they did by the millions.

    I find the whole immigrant scapegoating horde in the Republican party repugnant and worse, ignorant as all hell.

  • Ted Cruz needs to get a

    Ted Cruz needs to get a horrible disease and die