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H.R. 2159:Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2009

So now the attorney general will be able to decide who may and may not own a gun based on who he/she sees as a "dangerous terrorist"


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How well do you know American Heritage?

2 years ago the average score on the American civil Liberties quiz from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute below was 49%. Ouch!

I wonder how much better us Ron Paul supporters know our civil liberties and heritage.

I scored 83% Please post your score below.


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One World Currency Here We Come

This report by Yahoo news may make me a believer in the book of Revelations yet.

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*****To say for Zeitgeist Addendum*****

I've heard the infinite debt theory on now three different documentaries, including this one, Money Masters, and Money as Debt.

I do not like the socialistic conclusions of the movie, however...

these people would be moving in a direction that allows people to be self-reliant, and the technology that they mention could be a great help for our cause.

It must be kept in mind that many of us disagree with each other on certain issues, and that if a uniform way of looking at things was required we would lose a good deal of our membership.

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Bank Bailout Earmarks

Somebody went through and found these extra little details in the bill.

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Uniting Votes for Most Effect

What I would like to do, so that we have the most effect is to take an early count of which of the four candidates are going to get the most votes. I will than pledge to vote for whichever has the most in this reply. I want to try to do this a couple of times leading up. If others will agree to this, than what we can do is vote down the line.

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Let the Republican Party Die.

If we reward those that manipulate the Republican party by increasing their numbers than all that will happen is we will be played as supporters of fascism, and than used to justify it. Right now most people see that only the two parties can be chosen. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Now the Republican party is doing everything they can to prevent grass-roots participation from meaning a damn, they use violent force, and being unprepared for that we have not shown any force at all in return.

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Money Raising Strategies

I think the money bombs are worn out. With the economy having gotten tighter, and people cutting back on their spending, not to mention the money to go to the Campaign for Liberty, things are tight. I think we need to come up with some other ideas. I would like to put together a coffee mug gift set that has the 10 Amendments of the Bill of Rights written on each cup (also a useful way to memorize the Bill of Rights) I think they should be sold in a box with the preamble and the words "Wake up America".

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Weekend Watching Century of the Self

This is in reply to Stuff. First off thank you for posting Stuff, I'm sorry you got so much guff for it. Secondly, even though the conclusions of this film much like stuff, are socialistic in nature, learning how propaganda and consumerism are tied to each other will give you an extremely beneficial insight. The Bush administration is a pack of worthless rats, but unlike Stuff implies, this move towards consumerism did not start with Bush, and without further ado, on the origins of propaganda, consumerism, and "public relations" Adam Curtis's Century of the Self.