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My healthcare 'debate'. POST YOUR OWN DEBATE! There are some very ignorant people in this here country.

Here's a nice long debate on healthcare on facebook. Some people have no clue what a debate means even... Geez. I ask this guy continually if he actually read what I wrote...

Enjoy! (p.s. I'm steven)
Deleted by request of the people whose conversation you reposted. Please don't post people's names without their permission.

Thank you.

Michael Nystrom

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What happened to Freeme.tv?

I was trying to goto freeme.tv but I guess it has been disposed of.. Anybody know when/why this happened?

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The RFID Chip for Home/Personal Use!!!! (CONDITIONING)

I was searching around the web for USB gadgets and I stumbled across Mirror!! :D


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Question about C4L Message (problem?)

So a group of my friends went out of town last weekend to a hippie jam fest called Summer Camp. They came back with a booklet of all of the groups that were present. They apparently had political groups there aswell. Anyway; My best friends' father was looking through it and found campaign for liberty in the book. The description, however, turned him off to the organisation. He liked how it described personal liberties, sound money, and he has his gripes about a completely non-interventionist foriegn policy. He does agree that being in 130 countries around the world is too much.

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I was so annoyed by this that I finally figured out how to login

So I was watching the 10 o' clock news report and I see the local newscaster giving a report on the election. Toward the end, after a slew of Obama/mccain ads the head newscaster comes on screen and starts mentioning third parties... well really a 'third choice'. He says that if a third party vote plays an important role in the election that maybe it will send a message for change/choices like football has football teams.