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Scott Stapp weird going-ons

Note: I think the video's title is sensationalist, I didn't hear any proof in the video that he made such threat

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Open Whisper Systems partners with WhatsApp to provide end-to-end encryption

now is this secure from nsa would be the question

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Rand Paul wins the election if he campaigns on cannabis plant legalization

Re-legalization to be precise (because it was already legal in usa prior to 1937 or so). And it should be Colorado style (or better..ie no limits on gardening, commerce, etc)

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Article: Where the Gold Price Will Eventually Hit Bottom

The Daily Reckoning:

Do not buy gold right now. Just don’t do it!

The Midas metal has turned to fool’s gold. It’s sunk in the black night of a deep bear market — and it’s about to plunge even deeper.

Over the next several weeks, the gold price could threaten lows not seen since 2009, when it hovered around the $1,000 mark. And if you’re thinking gold is a dirt-cheap bargain right now, think again…

Word to the wise: don’t bet on gold. If you already have, get out now.

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Twitter down atm..NSA hacking it or something?

They've put themself in a position now where they can be suspected of most hacking

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Was it NSA that stole money from Mt. Gox?

Haven't seen this discussed much

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the state is a parasite on society by paul joseph watson

I guess he became an anarcho-capitalist recently: http://www.infowars.com/the-state-is-a-parasite-on-society/

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Anybody know what Nelson Mandela actually did?

Just hear a lot of vague details in the media and from what we learned in school (ie. he "was a great man", a "hero"). What did he actually specifically do tho? And what is an "apartheid"? Some type of segregation law between people of different skin tone colors i presume?

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The US dollar is just another government program..

Just like we don't want a "strong" department of education, should we wan't a "strong" dollar policy? Or should we advocate the "US dollar" be gradually phased out just like the department of education?f