• Sorry about the lunch. I

    Sorry about the lunch. I hope you had a barf bag close by.

  • That is a hefty list there.

    This is what Dr. Paul and we Revolutionaries are up against. Obviously Dr. Paul has very STRONG support; otherwise they would not bat an eyelash at us.

  • This is in addition to your post.

    This is just a portion of the article.


    The number of witnesses who presented evidence of explosion and explosion damage, and particularly the injuries that some witnesses received, again leaves no room for doubt that there were explosions in the basement of WTC1. The following video link is powerful testimony by William Rodriguez and is evidence that corroborates the facts of this paper; also, these facts corroborate the 37 eyewitnesses in the WTC1 basement: Link: http://www.jonhs.net/911/william_rodriguez.htm

    It is noted that the damage caused by these explosions had previously been attributed to aircraft impact. However, refutation of this is provided by both the testimonies of William Rodriguez in the above link, and by NYFD Lieutenant William Walsh in the below link. This concerns specifically the middle, local elevators that were blown off their hinges from below, as evidenced by the doors resting outward at 45 degree angles that met in the middle near the bottom. These local elevators serviced only Floors 34 down to the lowest level of the building, Level B6 in the basement. They could not have been the result of aircraft impact:
    Link: Testimony, Lt. William Walsh NYFD, Jan 11, 2002.pdf
    WTC Building Layout Link: World Trade Center Building Layout, Floors and Elevators
    Lt. Walsh- Answer: What else I observed in the lobby was that – there’s basically two areas of elevators. There’s elevators off to the left-hand side which are really the express elevators. That would be the elevators that’s facing north. Then on the right-hand side there’s also elevators that are express elevators, and that would be facing south. In the center of these two elevator shafts would be elevators that go to the lower floors. They were blown off the hinges. That’s where the service elevator was also.

    Chief Congiusta- Question: Were these elevators that went to the upper floors? They weren’t side lobby elevators?

    Answer: No, no, I’d say that they went through floors 30 and below.

    Question: And they were blown off?

    Answer: They were blown off the hinges, and you could see the shafts. The elevators on the extreme north side and the other express elevator on the extreme south side, they looked intact to me from what I could see, the doors anyway…….
    …….So I headed for the B stairway. I did not want to deal with elevators. So Ladder 1—

    Question: Were there any elevators working or no? Probably no, I assume.

    Answer: I couldn’t tell about the express elevators. The elevators that I mentioned before that were on the extreme north end and the extreme south end, I don’t know about those elevators. But I headed for where the service elevator was, which was in the center where the lower floor elevators were, the ones where the doors were blown off them.

    Lieutenant Walsh makes an extremely relevant point when he shows that the local elevator shafts acted as a conduit for the explosive effects and thereby limits the source of the explosion to the area covered by those shafts. His evidence shows that the elevator shafts affected by the explosions served only the lower floors and not those at the impact levels, thereby ruling out jet fuel from the aircraft as being involved in the explosions.

    Additional corroboration of the elevators being blown out is provided by Lt. Brian Becker & Firefighter Robert Byrne, NYFD: Link: Lt. Brian Becker, NYFD, Elevators Were Blown Out
    Link: Firefighter Robert Byrne, NYFD: Core Elevators (Blown Apart)

    Since only one elevator shaft was continuous from the aircraft impact level to the basement level, we can further rule out the aircraft impact as being the cause of the basement explosions by using additional testimony of William Rodriguez. In direct response to a question which postulated that the explosion was caused by aircraft fuel traveling down the elevator shafts, he stated, “Very strange indeed, since there were only one elevator shaft (the 50A car) that went all the way to B6, the operator was inside, Mr. Griffith and he survived with a broken ankles. He should have died burnt since on this theory the ball of fire went down. He is alive and well and I will interview him in the future to clear the disinformation.”
    Link: William Rodriguez | 08.18.06 - 12:20 am

    When talking about the lobby damage and his experiences, Rodriguez added, “I said many times that when I got back to the basement after escorting a person totally burnt and 14 people from my office out of the building, there were sprinklers going off on the basement and not on the upper floors. Also when I got to the lobby, the passenger elevators in the field of view, their doors were popped open sideways like a pyramid, from the bottom up.”

    The evidence of William Walsh and William Rodriguez shows that there were explosions that affected the basement and lobby levels, and these were not caused by the jet fuel.

    The authors have located evidence that possibly shows how long the time was between the initial explosion and the later impact of AA Flt 11 at WTC1. Jenny Carr was at a business meeting with others on the morning of 9/11 at 1 Liberty Plaza, and a recording was being made of that meeting. During this recording a first explosion is heard, and then a second one about 9 seconds later. This data still needs to be corroborated, and both authors and the Scholars for 9/11 Truth are involved in this; however, it is worth presenting at this time. This was found inside a movie compendium, “9/11 Controlled Demolitions of September 11, 2001″. To repeat, this needs further corroboration.
    Link: Jenny Carr, Video - 9 Seconds and go in 14 minutes, 30 seconds.

    Within the Federal Aviation Administration’s “Summary of Air Traffic Hijack Events September 11, 2001” are found the impact times of 8:46:35 and 9:03:14.
    Link: FAA Summary of Air Traffic Hijack Events September 11,2001
    What is interesting is, when the 9 seconds found on the Jenny Carr tape are added to the original LDEO seismic time of 8:46:26, the result is 8:46:35, the exact FAA impact time for AA Flt 11.

    And although anecdotal, it is also intriguing that the FAA’s 9:03:14 for UA Flt 175 matches closely to the time of 9:03:17 found in the recent Vanity Fair article by Michael Bronner.
    Link: Vanity Fair article by Michael Bronner This 9:03:17 time occurred when NEADS received the call notifying them of a 2nd possible hijacking while “almost simultaneously” people in the NEADS control room watched Flt 175 crash into WTC2 on CNN, including Colonel Marr, the commanding officer. This adds credibility to the Commission’s impact time of 9:03:11. Nevertheless, although the 9/11 Commission referred to this FAA Summary many times in its Final Report, it still based its impact times upon all the data they had and issued impact times of 8:46:40 and 9:03:11.

    Within the flight path studies by the National Transportation Safety Board are found approximate impact times of 8:46:40 and 9:02:40.
    Link: NTSB report, “Flight Path Study-American Airlines Flight 11,” Feb. 19, 2002
    Link: NTSB report, “Flight Path Study-United Airlines 175,” Feb. 19, 2002

    These reports, as a matter of course, state times of impact as approximate, this done with an understanding that higher authority will review all data in determining actual times of impact.

    The 9/11 Commission’s impact time of 8:46:40 for AA Flt 11 is the same as is found in the NTSB report that the Commission referred to in its Note 39.

    The Commission referred to the NTSB report for the impact time of UA Flt 175 in its Note 51, but even in doing so, it rejected the NTSB’s approximate 9:02:40 time and issued instead 9:03:11 as the official time.

    When one examines the radar graph from the study on AA Flt 11, it can be seen there was one last radar position-plot at the end. This coincides with testimony by Controller Dave Bottiglia who tracked AA Flt 11 that morning: This is from an article that covers this: “It was now being tracked by New York Centre, where a controller, Dave Bottiglia, saw it disappear from his screen just before 8.47. It had ploughed into the World Trade Centre’s north tower.”
    Link: Controller Dave Bottiglia, AA Flt 11 Disappears From Radar

    Reference is now made to the original source data used by the 9/11 Commission when analyzing the impact time supplied by the NTSB flight path study for AA Flight 11. Examination of this and particularly the radar graph supplied by magnification of the ending point area shows the last radar return from the aircraft before impact at 08.46.40.

    AA Flt 11 crashed at 8:46:40 EDT.

    FAA & NTSB times added.
    Table 2
    AA Flt 11
    2001 LDEO 8:46:26 Original seismic
    2001 FAA 8:46:35 Rejected by Commission
    2002 NTSB 8:46:40
    2004 Commission 8:46:40
    UA Flt 175
    2002 NTSB 9:02:40 Rejected by Commission
    2001 LDEO 9:02:54 Original seismic
    2004 Commission 9:03:11
    2001 FAA 9:03:14 Rejected by Commission

  • I think I am going to shut

    I think I am going to shut my computer down for a while.

  • Well H-Daddy I will tell you

    Well H-Daddy I will tell you what is so “funny”. Between the global cooling scare, global warming scare and now back to global cooling I am a bit exhausted on the dire warning predictions. And that is just what they are. Heck, the local meteorologist can’t get it right sometimes and depending on where you live, it may be more common than not to get it wrong.

    Research is fine as long as you keep it labeled as research until all the facts and proofs are in. Right now we don't have it and if they did, it would be irrefutable.

    With that being said, I do want you to know that I stand in 100% agreement for cleaner air quality. For health reasons alone we need to clean up the pollution. And I don’t think that we Americans have really gone far enough as individuals to help that situation along.

  • I think this will...

    answer your question.


    "OLBERMANN: I know your co-author, Barry Goldwater Junior, has endorsed Senator McCain and says his father would have done so as well. Is that your assessment, based on what you researched? How would he feel also about Senator Obama?

    DEAN: Barry Junior and I have been talking about the book. He really initially endorsed Ron Paul. He thinks his father would have been attracted to Ron Paul as well. He‘s looking at McCain as the presumed nominee and he would vote for him, he says. He wouldn‘t leave the party over it. But I don‘t sense in my former roommate any great enthusiasm for this cause.

    OLBERMANN: And as to senior?

    DEAN: As to senior, unpredictable. I think he would like all those candidates except McCain, frankly.

    OLBERMANN: What an irony there. John Dean, whose new book, with Barry Goldwater Jr., is entitled “Pure Goldwater.” As ever, John, many thanks.

    DEAN: Thank you, Keith. "

  • voted

    Paul at 283

  • Oh man, that reminds me, I

    Oh man, that reminds me, I have seen the x pattern too!! I live about 10 miles south of Lake Ontario in Granby just north of the Fulton city limits.

    Off topic, but I get up at 4:00 am every morning and one morning I was drinking coffee in the sun room and saw a "gold star" that I thought just does not belong there and while watching it it lit up brightly and then went out. I figured it came from Fort Drum or Wright-Patterson out of Rome.

  • I live in Upstate New York

    I live in Upstate New York as well and I know what you are talking about. I live on the Oswego River and the back of my house faces northeast. They seem to run mainly east to west and are generally in the morning hours. Occasionally, they will criss-cross, but for the most part, they have the same starting point and are in relatively close proximity of one another. I have even seen two at the same time spraying side by side.

  • I have written that brand

    I have written that brand down and will certainly look into it. Thanks for the info. I really do appreciate all the advice you guys are giving me. This thread has been an invaluable blessing for us newbie’s in gardening and preserving.

  • What about food dehydrators?

    What about food dehydrators? Would that be the equivalent to doing that or would it dry the tomatoes out too much? I know it would cost money, but as inexperienced as I am it would probably be a better option for me at this time.

  • I had always thought seeds

    I had always thought seeds were seeds until I started reading this thread. The tomatoes we planted and canned last year were really tasteless. I thought it may be the soil??? We incorporated top soil and some manure and they really produced a lot of tomatoes, but just really had no flavor at all. Maybe it was just the seeds?

    I told my husband and did just that, that we would be buying ONLY organic seeds this time. I have some of last year’s seeds left, but am going to just throw them away. There is no point in growing them if they have no taste to them.

    Thank you for the advice and I may just add it to my organic tomatoes anyway to be on the safe side.

    Thanks to all of you for your advice as well. It has really benefited me in my confidence to be prepared.

  • That is a great idea that I

    That is a great idea that I had not even considered. I will do that this year. Every step I could save will be a plus.

  • I made some soup yesterday

    I made some soup yesterday and the seal was on so tight that I had to use a knife to pop it off. I guess we, my husband and I, did everything right.

  • I did can some spaghetti

    I did can some spaghetti sauce as a matter of fact. I found a recipe online and did a couple of jars. I have not opened it because of my concern of the tomatoes separating.

    I knew you could freeze tomatoes, I just did not know how. Thanks for the info. I had asked my mom about it and she did not have a clue. I believe the only thing she has ever canned was pickles. lol.

  • Thank you sooooo much for

    Thank you sooooo much for the info. I have been scared to death to use them. I think I will pop a top tomorrow and make some soup. Again thanks.

  • garden

    I have started my seeds in my new green house I purchased from Lowes this past January. I have it placed in my sun room and they are going to town. I have summer squash, radish, green beans (which I have not started yet), corn, lettuce, sweet bell peppers, hot peppers, cucumbers, carrots, onions and broccoli. We also have mature blueberry bushes.

    We are going to put chicken wire up around the garden because we have ground hogs that live on the property. I hope this keeps them out!! We tilled the ground over the weekend and purchased top soil to incorporate in it. We will not be able to plant until next weekend. I hope this week will be our last real cold for the season.

    I finely got it through both my sisters’ heads, which live in Georgia, to plant gardens. They did theirs this weekend.

    I have one question though. We started canning last summer. This was our first experience with gardening or canning. We canned tomatos and they have separated in the jars. There is clear liquid at the bottom and red at the top. Is this normal? I do not want to kill my family!!

  • Good one!!

    Thats a good one. Maybe I should have it say..."Hows the "Change" working out for you? Have any to spare? Should have voted Ron Paul!"

  • I believe in the...

    power of positive thinking.

  • lol

    So true.