• Rand has not broken me, I

    Rand has not broken me, I think the man is smart and is reaching way more people than Ron ever did. Go Rand.

  • hell yes, and now Bill Maher.

    hell yes, and now Bill Maher. Rand is doing it right.

  • How does this divert from 3rd

    How does this divert from 3rd party candidates? Rand Paul like Ron Paul is and was a republican. This title is just stupid and very misleading and its on the front page. wow.

  • That is my point, he is

    That is my point, he is reaching far more people that Ron did on a broader base of people, especially the sheep and zombies. most people still believe they have freedom here and listen to everything the MSM tells them.

  • Michael, I do not worship


    I do not worship anyone, You seemed to grasp the meat of my post, it wasn't meant to be derogatory in any way. I was just trying to point out that Rand isn't trying to reach most of us here, I believe he knows we are smart enough to figure things out on our own and are already awake. He is trying to reach a broader audience and I believe Ron is a co pilot, Rand is learning from the book Ron wrote about his own bad beats, Rand has tried to do too many good things thus far and for now I trust him. I just think it's naive to believe that Ron and Rand don't speak about strategy. the story about mccain saying he would support Rand is he were the nominee proved my point as to people being bias without merit and looking at the facts. If Mccain were to say no he would not support the nominee he would be shut out even worse than he is now. As far as Rand endorsing Romney, many seems to forget that Ron endorsed neocons also in the last 2 elections and many elections before that, THEY HAVE TO DO SO accorind to Ron Paul even though they may not want to do so.

    I just would people would think out side the propaganda and the box was really the point of my post.

    Thanks for your comment.

  • the strawman isn't working.

    the strawman isn't working. over 2 years and only 2 posts is suspicious is all. Not that your comments have any less merit, just suspicious being here this long and made on 2 posts.

  • "- I did not say you are

    "- I did not say you are telling anyone who to support."

    Yes you did. I am not twisting what you said, here is your quote :

    "If Rand is not Ron, then why is 100% support demanded?"

    I said nothing about 100% support for anyone.

    As far as ISIS and Rand :

    "If I were President, I would call a joint session of Congress...I would lay out the reasoning of why ISIS is a threat to our national security and seek congressional authorization to destroy ISIS militarily."

    You just proved my point.

    This is exactly what a president is supposed to do, bring it to congress and if they are a threat we destroy them completely with a declaration of war, go in and win it and leave. This would also be Ron's position. If there is no threat, then no declaration of war should be granted.

    This holds true for anyone that claims something is a threat to america and the proper ways to go about either doing something or nothing about it.

  • I find it funny you have been

    I find it funny you have been here 2 years and made 2 posts?

    I am not telling anyone how to vote or who to support, where did I ever state such a thing?

    Please show me where Rand supports bombing ISIL without a declaration of war by congress. Which BTW is the constitutional way for war and is the same position as Ron Paul in regards to war.

  • Did that asshat really JUST

    Did that asshat really JUST SAY THIS IS JUST LIKE Vietnam? are you kidding me? Vietnam was a false flag, we never should have been there. The gulf of Tonkin NEVER HAPPENED, it was all a lie. 60,000 of our soldiers DIED FOR A LIE. AND THIS ASSHAT HAS THE NERVE TO BRING UP VIETNAM? FUCK YOU MCCAIN

  • you would think.

    you would think.

  • I find it hysterical that you

    I find it hysterical that you guys post these story from these rag websites as if the hold any value. what a joke.

  • I am not trying to get into a

    I am not trying to get into a pissing contest here, the ruling is more important than the articles written. The woman was suing because her children were kidnapped and she had a protective order which the husband violated. She was suing because they didn't do more to protect her or her children. perhaps protect was the wrong word for me to choose, I should have said defend against harm. I too don't believe police should have to protect someone 24/7 to assure nothing happens to them or their family, people should be protecting themselves and their family personally.

    We are just splitting hairs here.

    No point going any further with this.

  • Deacon, come on man, that

    Deacon, come on man, that ruling is apples to oranges to what you claim, that suit was about they didn't do more to protect her ie; 24 hour guards around the property, did you even read the ruling and the article?. I have stated before I am critical of police in many ways, sometimes they are justified and do have a right to protect themselves either cop or citizen. This is exactly why I stopped posting here months ago, looks like it will remain that way, people take things out of context to suit their own agenda, I see that hasn't changed. By not using fact, it makes you no better than the MSM that we are all against in regards to propaganda.

  • I never said police are in

    I never said police are in the constitution nor is fire or rescue or many others things. Show me where the SCOTUS made the ruling you speak of. Then we can have a discussion.

  • Really? The man was a threat,

    Really? The man was a threat, he had a knife in his hand you can clearly see, he was told to stop and kept approaching, the true job of police is to protect, so what would they do when they got back in their car? Ask him if he wants ice cream and wait to see if he stabs someone else? I am against police on many issues when justified, this time police were justified.

  • I am not ready to buy that is

    I am not ready to buy that is was a staged event, but it was weird, I think the guy was on a suicide mission I believe.

  • I always look at both sides

    I always look at both sides before I respond to things like this, there are many cases where police were wrong, there are also many cases where they were justified, you need to approach these types of issues with an open mind and not bias.

    Some of the comments here show true bias against police rather then facts of what actually happened. It is easy to be an internet tough guy that would have disabled him with judo or they should have shot him in the leg or fired a warning shot, REALLY? The warning was drop the damn weapon, end of story. The problem I have is the story they told, the report has many things wrong with it and they should have to answer for that without exception.

    Personally, I would have shot him without exception and I would not have fired a warning shot, my warning would have been drop the knife, nothing more, once he kept approaching I would have dropped him; however, I would have stopped firing once he hit the ground but he most likely would have been dead before he hit the ground. Everyone has a right to defend themselves, including police.

    When a person threatens your life, I don't want to hear this bullshit of hey lets sit down and have a discussion and talk them down, screw that, the discussion was over once you pulled a weapon on me and continued to approach me in an aggressive manner with said weapon.

  • Of course they are, that's

    Of course they are, that's what they do.

  • lol Eric.

    lol Eric.

  • I'm not much into rap music

    I'm not much into rap music but I liked that song.