• McConnell Boot to the Head

    Sounds good to me.

  • Conspiracy Theory is fatiguing

    Too many loose ends and dead ends. If you really want to drive a nail into that coffin, take away the money! Defund, abolish, repeal! Taking away the tax monies that are being used to fund whatever perceived conspiracy may exist is the most direct and expeditious means by which to crush it. Take away the money!

  • Islam is not a religion

    It is a totalitarian ideology. IMHO, sharia law is political. So is dhimmitude. We would be better off by calling a spade a spade instead of believing that they believe in some perceived god.

  • RINO Season

    Lock and Load! It's time for a purge!

  • Your gun

    ...and my dogs. ROTFLMAO! The vision of the two together cracks me up! Good on you, sir!

  • Petting the Dog

    I have three dogs. Dogs are good for one's health.

  • WTF?

    Seriously, what the flying f--k? I'm supposed to be all afraid or something because some stoner kid is enjoying smoking marijuana, in whatever form? I couldn't care less what you eat, smoke, drink, who you love, or how you love.

    Is this supposed to be some kind of fear-mongering? Hell, if I was there, I'd take a few hits off that bong myself. It's about time people stand up and say, "We just don't care! Mind your own business, so you won't be minding mine!"

    Jeez, it's like being revisited by Reefer Madness all over again...What a flaming pile of horse manure...OOOhhh, scary plant!

  • Love your father

    It is sad. In my youth, my stepfather and I exchanged blows. He went to get a pistol and I dashed out of the house like any world class sprinter. The scene broke my mother's heart, and I was never the same after that.

    Nevertheless, we made amends and we realized that we were both men, full of our own faults, passions, and ideas. He was a Democrat. I was a Republican. It only took me a few years, though, before I realized how much the Democratic and Republican parties behave more similarly than not. I doubt that he ever grasped that.

    All I can say is, be your own man. Live in your own place where you can fly that Gadsden flag. Show your father by your actions that you are a free and capable individual, and maybe even a happy one, if you're lucky. I think that if your father can see you as an individual with his own mind, taking care of himself and not depending on government, maybe he will realize that he raised a strong and resourceful son, and for that he can be proud.

    God bless you and your father. God blessed me, and I sure hope those blessings keep going out to people like us.

  • Rand Paul on Hannity

    Way too soft, Senator Paul. Congressional Republicans should not only be going after Obamacare to get rid of it, they should also be presenting the Senate and the President an ancillary list. They should not only offer to defund Obamacare, but should also include defunding of the Departments of Commerce, Education, Energy, and HUD. There are also several other items that could stand defunding, like DEA. Every time Obama and Reid and Pelosi refuse to sign off on defunding Obamacare, tack on an additional department for defunding.

  • IRS furloughs?

    Let me say this, "Terawoot!"

  • Love or Principles

    I don't think it is an either/or type of question. I think that love drives the principles.

  • Re: Government Shutdown = Good Times

    Hey, I'm just looking forward to driving home from work without all those government "workers" being on the road when I am. Heck, My commute should decrease by 10 minutes! It is like driving home on a national holiday. Much easier. And, hey! Look at the environmental impact that is not happening! Let's be green and get rid of a bunch of government departments!

  • Member For 6 years 2 minutes 3 seconds

    Well, if I am going to be stuck in a village, at least I like this virtual village of patriotic individuals thirsting for the freedom that is our right by birth!

    Be seeing you.

  • Banksters or Gangsters

    I couldn't resist the rhyme.

    I am convinced, though, that the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine is actually a good thing. Even though nearly all of what is reported or editorialized by the Lamestream Media is enough to make me gag, we should thank Reagan, despite his increasing the national Debt and his idiotic War on Drugs. Sometimes he was right.

    There is nothing fair about the Fairness Doctrine. Why should we expect fairness by the lack of the Fairness Doctrine? At least we can avoid any self-deception or delusion about fairness being protected by a law or a bureaucratic agency.

    All "information" is propaganda. It is either white (accurate), grey (accuracy and inaccuracy or lies mixed), or black (lies or deception). When people expect to hear the truth of a news story based on sound bites, and not on research or critical thinking, then people have become mentally lazy.

    Bottom line, be skeptical. It drives the Statists crazy.

  • Yeah, right...

    Not THIS newly-minted Libertarian!

  • So I should...?

    Remain in the GOP and contend with a bunch of corrupt ratbastards in order to fight another day? Romney will not get my vote, for sure.

    Or, join the Libertarians and vote for Gary Johnson?

    Or remain in the GOP and vote for Gary Johnson?

  • 3 choices

    Well, I have whittled mine down to two. Either Ron Paul wins the GOP nomination and I vote Republican, or Romney's drones carry on with their chicanery and Ron Paul does not win the nomination, impelling me to vote for Johnson.

    I will say one other thing. After observing the primary and caucus rule-breaking, finger-breaking, lying and cheating by the GOP establishment; the GOP has earned my enmity for a long time, if not forever. They behaved as badly, or worse, as anything I would expect to come out of the Democrats.

  • Rule 11 must be enforced at Tampa

    RULE NO. 11

    Candidate Support

    (a) The Republican National Committee shall
    not, without the prior written and filed approval of all
    members of the Republican National Committee from
    the state involved, contribute money or in-kind aid to
    any candidate for any public or party office except the
    nominee of the Republican Party or a candidate who is
    unopposed in the Republican primary after the filing
    deadline for that office. In those states where state law
    establishes a nonpartisan primary in which Republican
    candidates could participate, but in which the general
    election may not include a Republican candidate, the
    candidate endorsed by a convention held under the
    authority of the state Republican Party shall be
    recognized by the Republican National Committee as
    the Republican nominee.

    (b) No state Republican Party rule or state
    law shall be observed that allows persons who have
    participated or are participating in the selection of any
    nominee of a party other than the Republican Party,
    including, but not limited to, through the use of a multiparty
    primary or similar type ballot, to participate in the
    selection of a nominee of the Republican Party for that
    general election. No person nominated in violation of
    this rule shall be recognized by the Republican National
    Committee as the nominee of the Republican Party
    from that state.

    Has the RNC violated Rule 11? Hoo, boy! We could probably have a shorter list of rules they haven't broken, expecially at the county, district, and state conventions.

  • Russia Today and other sources

    I've seen a few of their stories about Ron Paul, and I think they did a respectable job. No "drive by media", but rather a more in-depth and thoughtful analysis than I have seen on American media.

    Being a shortwave listerner, I appreciate getting my news from several sources, even if the sources are foreign governments. Acknowledging the inherent bias helps to temper one's perception of the story being reported.

    So go get yourselves a shortwave, tune in Radio Caracol or Radio Havana or the CBC or WWCR, and catch the world.

  • Hmmmmm...

    Well, I will admit I am concerned. Nevertheless, this is not about Ron Paul solely, but really about ourselves. Ron Paul is an exceptionally rare gem in American politics, and we desperately need him, but I also think we need ourselves just as much.

    Doctor Paul has elucidated the cure for the symptoms our country is experiencing repeatedly. I think we all get that. What we really need to get is off our collective asses and carry this fight forward.

    I have been a fan of Doctor Paul since 1988, and I suppose I always will be. This Arizonan is also a fan of Barry Goldwater and Sam Steiger. Maybe "fan" is not the best word, but I think we can all appreciate those individuals in public office that are not afraid to stand up to the other side that would seek to make us all slaves to the State.

    Folks, we must continue to be relentless. Whether Doctor Paul appears or not in public, we must press on with the task at hand. Freedom in our time needs to occur immediately, if not sooner.