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Stimulus at Work

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Steven Greenhut: Rural rebellion brewing

Sagebrush Rebellion Round Two: It's time we got some sheriff support.


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Medved today

Who was the flaming knuckle-dragging mouth-breather on Michael Medved today that referred to Doctor Paul as Doctor Demento? I was listening to Medved on the way to the store and this guy came on and was all cozy with Cain and Romney, but referred to Doctor Paul as Doctor Demento.

I have great respect for both doctors. It's too bad the idiocracy in the GOP tolerates such statists. They would be more at home in the Communist Party, seems to me.

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Rick Perry winning this poll

Here is the link:


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Money Bomb Idea

Like you, I am looking forward to contributing to Doctor Paul's campaign. Like some of you, the economy has taken a toll on discretionary funds in my household.

However, an idea has hit me in the head. Probably someone else thought of it first, but here goes. I don't have a bunch of money in my bank account, but what I do have is some leftover gift cards from previous birthdays and Christmases. So I thought to myself, "Why not use the money remaining on those cards on the campaign?"

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DC Madam

I found this while surfing. I would recommend a reserved approach to this story, as Mr. Madsen seems to have many detractors. Still, I doubt he could be any worse than the likes of Hannity, Stephanopolous, et al.

In March 2008 the “DC Madam” Deborah Jean Palfrey said she would absolutely not commit suicide. She said she wanted to name names. This makes the “suicide” that was reported yesterday look extremely fishy to say the very least.

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Star Power

No, I am not Patrick McGoohan. However, I do have some thoughts that I would like to share with the readers here.

Obama has Oprah Winfrey. Huckabee has Chuck Norris. Other candidates may have other celebrities endorsing them, also.

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CBS interview from 26 October

I don't know if this has already been posted or not. Given some of the spin from Faux and other media, this interview doesn't seem half-bad.