• They should give the knowledge...

    and believe in it. Faith is more powerful than wealth and action defines character.

    'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

  • nope..

    sorry. I am a moderate Libertarian. I disagree with Beck because he is a fucking retard.

    This is a health issue. People are going to use drugs. Locking up 1M people and creating a BILLION dollar industry is not going to solve the problem.

    Beck is peddling his nonsense to attract more viewers. He is a preacher with a microphone and video camera. He does not understand our philosophy but wants to be on the train.

    As a fiscal conservative and faithful libertarian... I would rather see our tax dollars spent HELPING people than PUNISHING them. It is our philosophy on dealing with drugs that pisses me off so much. We have went in one single direction FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE. It sucks. Its failed. Its miserable for anyone caught in it. It is outlandishly expensive and militarizes our police.


    No offense to anybody.. Glenn Beck can go fuck a tree for all I care. He is an opportunist of the highest order. Believing in his ego looks beautiful in his eyes.

    The first exchange was obviously scripted. Beck couldn't have come up with the replies otherwise. Its obvious because of the tone. Stossel didn't pull punches after the intial exchange. Thats the give away.

    Beck is a snake oil salesman. Period. He will take any position as long as it leaves him neutral.

    Politics is the really shady game of dealing with people. Sorry Mr. Beck. We are the DailyPaul and you don't get a free pass here.

    'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

  • aaaaaannnnnddddddd.....

    comment of the day award goesss toooooooooooooooo

    'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

  • you literally...

    took the words off my keyboard. :)

    I went to reply.. saw your comment and hit the back button.

    Make no mistake. Putin is no fan of America. Also.. no offense to Snowden.. it may be in good faith and honest. It looks really bad to American policy makers.

    The ironic part is Obama would never face Snowden face to face.

    'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

  • thank you

    for the link!

    'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

  • lol

    had a feeling I would be beaten to it. First time Ive had the chance to log in today.

    Thanks mods!

    'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

  • bone chilling...


    The govt did its best to destroy his property. All the guy is doing is resisting. This is way overhanded and reeks of corruption. The Judge had it right as usual. The govt did not have to respond this way. It is absolutely an overreach of power. Killing animals? We arrest people for that!

    This is a terrible example of the American way. No respect to life, property and armed. Imagine being those people who stood up and said NO!

    You can bet this is going to be a tv movie. :)

    'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

  • I agree

    Just wondered if he had made an official statement. Im on team Rand for sure.

    'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

  • my friend...

    thank you for quoting me.

    DailyPaul will always be the beacon and bellwether of our ideology.

    I thought recently that Mr. Nystrom deserves his break. But.. the doors are closed and an election is coming. What if members were allowed to invite ten people? Maybe being more exclusive is the direction we should go. We all want the brightest minds here.

    I agree with you 100%. Its as if our movement needs a script. A cohesive message that is easy for the average person to understand.

    If you asked the average person that went to Nevada to defend an individual, who they voted for in 12. I have the little spot of feeling that Ron Paul would have overwhelmingly won that crowds support.

    What is the glue that binds us to the average voter?

    'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

  • meh..

    watched the skit. Nothing I wouldn't have expected.

    Notice how Rand is always downplayed? Rand made more Republican news than any other Republican in office since he gained his seat. Im still on team Rand.

    The one thing that lacks about Team Rand that Team Obama was able to do was connect with his grassroots. The grassroots are there for Rand. His grassroots want to support a leader and not a speaker. Im writing purely from a strategic side in my head.. but if Rand doesn't realize he needs to unite a group of people pulling for his family more than anyone else and seize that opportunity.. he is a fool.

    Team Paul did not have the adhesive glue that made his grassroots unstoppable. Team Rand can. A plethora of talent with experience.

    Let SNL make jokes. Lets be the underdog that has them eating out of the palm of our hand.

    'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

  • Is it fair to write...

    that I don't know why?

    I do not feel like a moth beating myself against a lightbulb. I feel like a patriot in a package with a ton of lightbulbs with the same wattage.

    One of the greatest things about a free society is the spontanaety (sp) of creativity. Our founders understood it.

    Mr. Nystrom... you opine here as you search for what and who we are. Its my belief that we don't know yet. It isn't like the Revolution stopped just because Dr. Paul retired.

    I personally believe we are being a little selfish here. The real question I ask myself is....... If Ron believed that Rand would do a bad job, would have he retired? If Ron isn't pissed that his son, that won a Senate seat, endorsed Mitt Romney... why is anyone?

    Politics is this wicked ass game of chess. Its absolutely wicked. Powerful people have the means to destroy anything with the power of the state behind them.

    I still believe in the message Ron Paul exposed me to. I have become more moderate. It does not shake me from my principles. I live my life as a Libertarian. I also understand the behemoth that lay in front of us.

    I come to the DailyPaul because the most passionate, smartest, cleverest and giving people are here. We donate our time and passion to spread this message that Ron Paul got all of us hip to. It is a message of peace, tolerance, understanding, knowledge and love. I also come here because we make a difference. We stop bad bills. We support good bills.

    In my eyes.. the training wheels came of in the 12 election. The group of people here have the fire of being cheated behind them. Make no mistake, we sank Romney. Period. Im not going anywhere because I believe this is the winning fucking team.

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    The winning team believes in a world with more peace, more prosperity and more Liberty. That is the team I want to be on even if we lose.

    'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

  • thanks yall

    Im glad the Ark doors are closed. We are becoming more tight knit.

    I hope that Nystrom allows us to invite a friends to join us. It will cut down on trolls.

    Much love...

    'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

  • Ark closed or not...

    this is the future.

    The real question is how we grasp this, encourage it.. and get those young folks to 'like' it.

    Lee Atwater would wish for a platform like this.

    'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

  • I listened...

    Until this asshole started making excuses. Sorry yall... AJ doesn't represent me and never will. He is literally playing the apologist for Cruz. Gimme a break. This guy is a snake oil salesman.

    'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

  • Im not nearly as involved as you..

    But I am spiritually. I feel compelled to support our message of peace. My friends complain to me privately because of my facebook posts. The only answer I have for them is that I love my family and country. Its worth it to me to stand up for our rights.

    Lately though, I have felt more disconnected with the Liberty Movement and the DailyPaul. Im becoming more moderate. Things like Social Security and social welfare do not bother me nearly as bad as war and corporatism. Im also behind Rand 100%. He may not be perfect, but from the looks of it, Rand is the best we have.

    There was life before Ron Paul and I can't recall it really. When I wrapped my head around this philosophy I made up my mind that this was the direction I was going.

    Whatever you decide to do.. make sure you are enjoying yourself. The DailyPaul is gonna be here (I hope). Lots of people come and go and come back.. election season will fire us up. That I am absolutely positive. :)

    'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

  • feel ya there...

    Ill be donating as much time as I can to win Columbus Ohio for him. That is for certain.

    'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

  • fkn mthrfkrs

    I see 12 happening all over again unless we pull together to defeat them once and for all.

    'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

  • Love you too brother...

    I find it amazing that we all find ourselves at the same crossroads.

    That moment where the decision must be made.. to follow or lead. Ive taken a lot of heat over leadership and expecting more out of our defacto leaders.

    Mr. Nystrom... I love ya. Truly like a brother.

    Nobody knows what is going to happen in 14 or 16.. but you can rest assured that you have gone well and above your part that Ron Paul spoke about. We all find our place.... thats how this works. Im humbled and honored to post here. This is the pulse of the grassroots.. warts and all.

    I understand you are not on team Rand. I have a different perspective. Rand is not going to be a purist.. but he will push the country in the right direction. In my eyes.. that is what is most needed. Someone at the top to be a symbol and action of change. Someone that can lead the country and defend the rules. That matters to me in a big way. Accountablility has been lost for far to long. Rand has the leadership to put the country back together.

    I believe Rand has the brains, brawn, wisdom and qualities to play this wicked ass game called politics. Im not expecting a DailyRand at all... but I hope that the future is both bright for DailyPaul and TeamRand.

    Nobody else is protecting our rights like Rand. Nobody...

    I love the DailyPaul. I come here every single morning first. I don't post as much just because life has become so much more hectic. The cause of the DailyPaul is a source of inspiration for me. Patriots fill these boards debating a myriad of issues.

    We are a wild bunch.. but the most patriotic SOB's Ive ever met. Im proud to be here and thankful for your sacrifices. We all could be doing more fun things.. we do this because its our duty and we have a sense of obligation to one another, our country and our children. Ron Paul is absolutely correct.. once you wake up.. its your duty to stand up.

    America has such a checkered past. The greatest achievements have come not through leaders, but our Bill Of Rights and Constitution. Our founders paved the way for human rights on the greatest levels. America was an idea that lead the world. I miss that.

    DailyPaul is a constant reminder to remain vigilant. All the name calling, negative press and cattle prods couldn't keep me away from this site. It is my home. It gives me peace and understanding.

    Thank you so much for not shutting it down.

    DailyPaul loves you too.

    'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

  • pshhhhh

    “You can give the greatest speeches in the world, come up with the greatest positions in the world, but if you’re not able to put together the organization to raise money and expand your portfolio you’re not going to last very long,” said Chris LaCivita

    Except for maybe starting an entire movement, spanning a 30 year political career.. and hoisting your son into the senate.. who is positioning himself to be the best contender for President.

    They can doubt Rand all they want. The article isn't quite a hit piece but it certainly doesn't give Rand much good light. I believe Rand will be shining by 2016.

    'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

  • from your fingertips...

    to Gods Ipad.

    Stellar message.

    'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul