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When Rand Paul announces his bid for nomination, where are 'google rand paul' results going to go?

From 2007-2012 if anyone googled Ron Paul, the DailyPaul was often at the very top of the results.

I was often puzzled at why the Ron Paul campaign didn't assign one of its staffers to post and communicate here. Even if it was done as a random screen name with no official affiliation with the campaign. It seemed silly to me and a complete disconnect with the base. The disconnect was glaring to me and Im just a random dude. If the campaign can leak to the media.. why cant they use us too?

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I'm not leaving Dex, not yet.

It seems the common factor our community has is moving on.

We are losing some of the best and brightest minds from a site that made history over and over again. Over 7 years of up to the minute experience.

I have an idea that can grow our community and make DP as exciting as 07. It will limit the amount of moderation and take relief off Nystrom.

We can use a third party system to invite new members. Make a certain level they must attain elsewhere to prove theyre not a troll, spam or anything else. Make sure the people we are attracting are those who want to achieve the same goals as all of us. Submit the best comments... add to the commentary. Be an asset because they are an asset to our growth.

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My daughter just won V.P. of her school

I'm so stoked and proud. She didn't even tell me she was running. Her bestfriend is president. I can't believe I'm this excited.

'The revolution is alive and well.'

Thank you Dr. Paul. We will be volunteering for Rand.

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Rand Paul 'You help me, I'll get it done.'


I believe Rand has the ability, faith and resolve to lead America to a better place.

This video shows Rands resolve. He is up against two hostile critics. Or at least 'skeptics'. The leadership portion to me is to accept the hostile rhetoric and offer a wise step forward to unite people. Count how many times Rand is asked to speak first... or waited to speak first.

Great leaders are good listeners. Rand is mild mannered and seeking to unite people.

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Ask dailypaul: What is Ron Paul going to do?

Imagine your son were carrying a torch. Anyone here have an idea of what Ron will do?

I don't.

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Thank You Cory Booker!

Just want to make a public thank you to Cory Booker. This is a big deal for me because historically the left has made Rand out to be wicked...

Rand made a real ally in this media appearance. It will be interesting how this plays out.

Regardless it was excellent strategy from both camps. It isn't like Booker is offering a ghetto pass. Booker is being absolutely honest in his approach too. That is why he defended Paul.

Intellectual honesty is a very big deal.

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Nystrom is running an experiment on us!

Am I crazy or did the popular posts and active forum topics flip??

He must be joining facebook and OKCupid!! Its a conspiracy!!!


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Where is Nystrom going?

There has been plenty of debate of the future of our movement. Nystrom dislikes playing whack-a-mole.

So what is the future? Does anyone know? Is there a moment that will cause Nystrom to rethink his strategy?

I dont know.

What I do know is that this community shaped popular policy. We have been a beacon to those like Amash that desperately needed our help through challenges. We have stood in defense of rights and melted phone lines when bad legislation comes up for votes.

This may not be the DailyRand but it is sure as hell the DailyPaul.

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DailyBeast is at it again with Rand!

Obviously trolling for clicks. The last hit piece had thousands of supporters in support of Ron and Rand.

Rand Paul’s Daddy Issues
by Olivia Nuzzi | The Daily Beast

The man that led the Kentucky senator to Washington could prevent him from entering the White House.

Just a few months into his campaign for the Republican nomination for the United States Senate in 2009, Kentucky’s Rand Paul was interviewed by Alex Jones, a noted conspiracy theorist who spreads his message on his syndicated radio show and on his website, Infowars.com. Jones is a moon landing denier who believes the government acted as a guiding hand for the September 11 attacks and the Oklahoma City bombing, buys into the New World Order—the theory that a group of so-called elites are conspiring to form a singular, totalitarian global government—has accused American pop stars of being purveyors of Illuminati mind control—and that’s not even the half of it.

Paul, his eyes wide, offered, “I think it’s a little scary in our country that we’re doing what's called ‘political profiling.’ People are worried about profiling people for the color of their skin. Now we’re profiling people for the color of their thought.” For any candidate laboring to gain admittance to America’s most exclusive club, the interview would have seemed an unlikely pit stop—but Rand Paul was not just any candidate.

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Dailypaul want to support a good cause? (ohio event)

I am organizing a fundraiser and birthday party for a couple of my nephews. My youngest nephew is a bad ass little breakdancer and my oldest nephew is an honorable young man that is turning 18.

My youngest came to me and told me he wanted to take his crew to Chicago to compete against the big kids at Battle of the Dojos. My youngest nephew is only 10 and is an incredible little bboy. My oldest nephew is the oldest child in the family and he is turning 18. He is an honorable young man with plans to attend OU next year.

I am very proud of the boys in my family.

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NYPost: Could the next generation of Republicans already be here?

By Kyle SmithJuly 19, 2014 | 12:28pm

There’s probably never been a time when humanity wasn’t collectively in a torment and uproar about what its young folk were up to. (Gur to Urp, 10,000 B.C.: “Can you believe how short the girls are wearing their bearskins these days?”)

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Facebook sucks because:

I would like to start this post with a naive idea.

Social Networking will change the world by decenteralizing power and communication.

Instead what we got was kitten videos, baby mommas and dumb redneck stunts.

Yet the further we went down that rabbit hole of nothingness, the greater power at Facebook grew.

Anybody else find it strange that you have to pay to promote your idea to your 'friends' on Facebook? I grow a personal network and am forced to pay to access the people that I grew?

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Israeli Airstrike Footage from Gaza: Warning Rocket Followed by an F-16 Airstrike

Published on Jul 12, 2014
This recent footage from Gaza shows an airstrike by the Israeli Air Force of a home belonging to the Nofal family. A warning rocket is fired first and then, a minute later, an F-16 airstrike hits the building via two missiles.


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Moving Past the American Dream

If what we have as today's 'America' is the American dream, I sure as hell want better for my family and myself. The American dream these days isn't a happy place where people are free and left alone. Its increasingly a place where our wealth and rights are stolen by the state.