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Is scotthorton.org being hacked now?

I have been trying to listen to the latest shows, but I haven't been able to log in for a few days now. Is that website being hacked? Can somebody contact Scott H and ask him to check his website? Could any DPers log in successfully in the last few days?

(These are the latest interviews that I'm hoping to listen to.)
Israeli Leaders Threaten Genocide
Max Blumenthal on the logic of Jewish supremacy
Petraeus Won the Media War
Other than that, he's a failure, says Gareth Porter
Israel's Assault on Gaza
Philip Giraldi on collectively punishing kids

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"Chas" W Freeman Jr for Secretary of State! Let the professional diplomacy take over our foreign policy!

Philip G made a brilliant suggestion to Pres Obama on Nov 8th ScottHorton show. Appoint Ambassador "Chas" W Freeman Jr to replace warmonger Hillary to bring back SANITY & PEACE to our foreign policy!


For those who don't know "Chas" Freeman: he was an ambassador to Saudi Arabia 1989-92 and was the interpreter for Nixon at his historical visit to China in 1972.

He wrote:
"America's Misadventures in the Middle East", Just World Books, Charlottesville, VA, 2010.

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Legal justice or political INJUSTICE?

Legal justice or political INJUSTICE for Julian A and Bradley M?

A very informative ScottHorton interview of Michael Ratner (Center for Constitutional Rights) @

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RP 2012 slim jims: shall I keep them or throw them away?

We decided to keep all of our RonPaul campaign signs for our future "Remember RonPaul r3VOLution!" days. We plan to just flood the areas, wherever we are, with RP signs on those festive days :-)

But we aren't sure what to do with the left-over slim jims on several different topics.

Are you keeping them? Can you think of any use in the future?
(We will keep our left-over SuperBrochures, btw. Those are still useful for explaining how different apparently disparate topics are related.)

Thanks for your input in advance!

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Ben Swann Interviewed by Joyce Riley


A lot of topics discussed, like. . .
1) home schooling
2) how to help Ben Swann's program (& other alternative media) reach more people
** Scott Horton.org radio show is another FANTASTIC program on antiwar / civil liberties.

3) how Ben Swann featured "Creature from Jekyll Island" on TV
4) false choice, frauds etc in presidential election this year

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Time to get serious with Federal Health Care Nullification Act


The following is Tenth Amendment Center approved legislation to nullify federal overreach into the health care industry. Activists, we encourage you to send this to your state senators and representatives – and ask them to introduce this legislation in your state.

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a draft of speech sent to our non-RP county executive committee members

(I borrowed heavily from Troops for Ron Paul article. I wanted our local neocon executive committee members to know WHY our Ron Paul group is pressing hard against them ahead of the county convention, which successfully produced one RP alternate delegate to the National Convention and adopted many RonPaulian platforms & resolutions at our insistence :-)

Why I wish to go to the Republican Party State Convention:

On multiple TV shows, I’m sure you have heard of Whitney Houston. Or Charlie Sheen. Or Kim Kardashian. These are the household names among most Americans.

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MIC dissected & explained. VERY informative video.

"Watch before vote!!! Ron Paul Foreign Policy Very Eye Opening Must See"


This is how & why "War on Terror" is funded & carried out.

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Ron Paul: Mutually Assured Respect... defined...by himself

"Mutually Assured Destruction vs Mutually Assured Respect"
by Rep. Ron Paul, December 10, 2011


This is Ron's reply to Neocons' failed foreign policy of unilateral American dominance.

(The conclusion of this article, which defines the Ron Paul Doctrine of MAR.)
"Mutually Assured Respect offers a policy of respect, trade, and friendship and rejects threats, sanctions, and occupations.

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newly launched group:

rebellioustruths on Dec 5, 2011

What do you think about them?

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Thomas M Hoenig: Sec of Treasury for Paul Administration?

"Conventional Fed Wisdom, Defied" By GRETCHEN MORGENSON


(Thomas Hoenig will be an ideal Sec of Treasury in Ron's administration. He has been courageously vocal about Fed Res policies.)

"Back in 1996, in a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, he presciently warned about the dangers of expanding the federal safety net to cover financial institutions trading complex derivatives and structured finance vehicles.

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Super Video: Ron Paul 2012: Who's Laughing Now?

with full credit for The creators of "For Liberty"

This is a beautifully edited "straight to the point" introductory version of our old-time favorite "For Liberty". The editing was done by an Australian Ron Paul supporter (tragedyandhope here at DP) as a labor of love for the cause.

I hope this and the original "For Liberty" are fully utilized to help spread the LOVE for LIBERTY. . .

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ANTIWAR.COM fundraising: only 9K more to go!

Remember Antiwar.com radio interview with Ron Paul on Liberty Defined (hosted by irrepressible Scott Horton) last month?

Antiwar.com has been a long time supporter of Ron Paul's noninterventionist foreign policy.

Recent Tsunami / radiation contamination /tornado events reminded us of how traumatic natural disasters are, when survivors have to sort through destroyed houses and mangled body parts of victims.

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Art Robinson: April 10, 2011 status report

Dear Friends,

Below is a more detailed account of the situation at OSU and the Robinson students.

The students and their professor are still in difficulties, but, because of your messages to OSU, they are still there. Please continue to help them.

The students and their professor also have the help of many other people. Excellent attorneys, many OSU alumni, and numerous other professionals are with them in their efforts to save their PhD degrees, positions, and professional work.

A better formatted copy of this document is available at www.oregonstateoutrage.com/april10update.