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  • Scott Horton on Rand Paul:

    "[Rand Paul is a] spineless turtleneck sweater wearing whiny douchebag"

    "It's a good thing Rand Paul doesn't have any honor because if he did right now would be the part where he has to take a sword and commit hara-kiri."

    "I'd like to see at the next family reunion the rest of the Paul kids all just put the gang beatdown on [Rand Paul]."

    "Is there any way we could just go back in history and make it where there was never a Rand Paul?"

    "Rand Paul is not a decent person. Rand Paul is a douche. That's what he is."

    "You can be pretty much anyone and look at Rand Paul and his shifty eyes and his turtleneck sweater... You can just take one look one at him and say 'that guy is a douche'. That's what he is, he's a douche."

    "Rand Paul is a spineless turtleneck sweater wearing whiny little bitch, that's what he is."

    This is all from just one of his many rants from Rand Paul. This particular one occurred shortly after the November 2012 presidential election, in other words several months after the Romney endorsement had already happened. Audio is posted below.


  • Scott Horton

    has held a personal hatred toward Rand Paul for several years now. This is not really news, except for the fact that it is one of the tamer insults he has hurled at Rand. I put about as much weight in what Scott Horton thinks about Rand Paul as I do toward Robert Wenzel and his blog posts about Rand Paul's "toupee".

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  • No.

    Just go to the drugstore or any place they sell magazines. Grocery store, WalMart, etc...

    Or schedule a dental appointment.

  • Honestly, I never knew

    there was such a thing as a Ron Paul "game changer" meme. I've seen the Ron Paul R3VOLution logo many times, with LOVE spelled backwards, but not what you are talking about. I think they are just accurately reporting on Rand Paul's rising prominence and his quest to remake the Republican Party.

  • That is somebody else

    Scheuer and Scherer are 2 different Mikes.

  • I assume it is

    in reference to reinventing the Republican Party or reinventing the political debate, something along those lines. But we'll see when it comes out.

    edit: This 2nd article in the issue titled "Game Changer" kind of gives a hint

    Calling Rand Paul the most interesting man in politics is an invitation to an argument–but one we suspect he’d love to have. Paul shows no signs of wanting to slide smoothly into the national political debate; he’d rather start a new one, about the fault lines between privacy and security, about when a war is worth fighting, about how his party can have a hope of winning the White House while losing ground with key voting blocs.


  • That was Reason.

  • Why repost

  • Sen. Paul Holds Listening Session in Ferguson

    Oct 10, 2014

    WASHINGTON, D.C. - TODAY, Sen. Rand Paul visited Ferguson, Missouri to attend a listening session with local leaders in the wake of the civil unrest over the past two months. The NAACP, the Urban League and several local business and church leaders participated in the event. The discussion centered around Sen. Paul's belief that the underlying problem in Ferguson-and many other troubled areas of our country-is a broken criminal justice system that unfairly targets minorities.

    "I came to Ferguson today to listen to leaders in the community and to learn more about how we can fix the problems of criminal injustice together," Sen. Paul said.

    "Senator Paul's decision to meet with the St. Louis county NAACP and local leadership in Ferguson speaks volumes about the NAACP's strength and influence in the civil rights community. Local leadership was encouraged by his decision to call a meeting with us to have a round table discussion and discuss common sense solutions. We were honored to have an informative discussion about the Senator regarding ways that he can help to assist our civil rights agenda in Washington and help to end police militarization," said John Gaskin III, spokesman for St. Louis County NAACP

    Senator Paul has previously noted that anyone who thinks that race does not still, even if inadvertently, skew the application of criminal justice in this country is just not paying close enough attention. He has often noted that prisons are full of men and women of color who are serving inappropriately long and harsh sentences for non-violent, youthful mistakes.

    "Given the over-militarization of our law enforcement and the racial disparities in our criminal justice system, it is impossible for minority communities not to feel like their government is particularly targeting them, " noted Senior Advisor, Doug Stafford. "Senator Paul will continue to work to fix the broken system and in the meantime, let us continue to pray for the people of Ferguson, citizens, police and officials alike."

    Senator Paul has introduced six pieces of federal legislation that reforms the federal criminal justice system and addresses the underlying economic reasons for high crime areas:

    • Justice Safety Valve Act - S.619 - The bill introduced on March 20, 2013, and cosponsored by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) would allow a federal judge to depart from mandatory minimum sentences under certain circumstances.
    • Economic Freedom Zones Act - S.1852 - The bill, introduced on December 18, 2013, would provide for the establishment of free market enterprise zones in economically distressed areas.
    • Civil Rights Voting Restoration Act - S.2550 - The bill, introduced on June 26, 2014, and cosponsored by Sen. Maj. Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) would restore the voting rights for every non-violent offender in federal elections upon release.
    • REDEEM Act - S.2567 - The bill, introduced on July 8, 2014, and cosponsored by Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) would create a judicial process for adults to seal non-violent records on the federal level and an automatic process to expunge records for non-violent juveniles.
    • FAIR Act - S.2644 --- The bill, introduced on July 23, 2014, raised the standard for the federal government to seize property in criminal investigations to raise the standard to clear and convincing evidence as a means to protect individuals found not guilty of crime.
    • RESET Act - S.2657 - The bill, introduced on July 24, 2014, would reclassify simple possession drug crimes of small amounts as misdemeanors from felonies and eliminates the distinction between crack and powder cocaine for sentencing purposes because of the unfair outcomes of the distinction.


  • It is a little bit humorous

    to consider what a joke his blog has become. I also do laugh sometimes at the hate Rand gets in places like the comments sections of HuffPo articles, but the obsession with bashing Rand from supposed allies in the liberty movement like Wenzel... eh, not really that funny. Some people do actually take his garbage seriously.

    By the way, he still appears to be clinging to the belief that Rand wears a rug, as of just a few days ago. It's so ridiculous that he very well could be joking, but the point is the man has a delusional hatred for Rand Paul that severely skews his objectivity. His reporting/analysis on Rand should not be trusted, his history should always be considered.

  • I would guess

    I would guess Ron gets tired of people making it into a father vs. son thing, trying to conjure up division between the two of them... especially from libertarians who rant about it profanely and psychotically.

  • Robert Wenzel? Frivolous?

    C'mon now, I can't believe you would refer to his objective and hard-hitting investigative journalism in such a way.

    Plagiarism and Rand Paul's Toupee: There is a connection

    Rand Dons a Yarmulke Over His Rug

    "Looks like a rug to me"

  • More brilliant insight from Robert Wenzel:

    Plagiarism and Rand Paul's Toupee: There is a connection

    Rand Dons a Yarmulke Over His Rug

    "Looks like a rug to me"

    For the people that consider Wenzel to be an objective source of reporting on Rand Paul here is some more evidence. I would expect better even from Daily Kos, but especially not from a supposed ally within the liberty movement. F this guy and his divisive bullshit.

  • Rand would have to win

    the presidency first. Even though Rand is a frontrunner, the odds are still not in favor of that happening. Just the process of him running for president and being a frontrunner though is very exciting and will be a game-changer. Ron was never seriously considered a frontrunner, this will be something different. If Rand actually gets into the White House, that is a HUGE bonus. I don't see that as a negative overall, no way.

    Rand would probably do at least a few things as president to cause his father grief. But I'm pretty sure Ron would be ecstatic overall about his son being president of the United States. And as much as I love Ron Paul, I'm not so concerned about one man and how he would cope with his son being president. Rand will affect hundreds of millions of people as president. Ron is one man and he will be fine. And I am sure Ron would prefer to have his son handling foreign affairs as president than someone like Hillary Clinton or any neocon Republican that rises to the top.

  • Yes, it is good to stay positive.

    Even for the people that do not support Rand, there will be much to look forward to. Like having Ron back in the news again, and all the controversial things he says or has said. Even Alex Jones is going to be in the news, to the delight of his supporters here. Rand has been on his show a few times, even after being elected to the senate, and Jones is a big supporter. Many other prominent libertarians will also be in the news too. Some criticizing Rand for not being pure enough.

    So this will be a lot of fun, and also maddening at times. There will be fireworks, haha.

  • OK.

    That was a little harsh. I do not want to antagonize anyone, more interested in getting my point across thoughtfully than in being a blowhard, so I changed that one sentence. Thanks for the feedback.