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Rick Perry will come out on top (of the neocons) after this witch hunt.


I just watched this video of Rick Perry's press conference. I guess by this he just came out of the cop shop after getting finger printed. I know he has been in the news a lot lately, (border, illegals, blah blah), and I know him and Rand have had some back and forth, (Syria, Isis, Iraq, blah blah). I also know Ron has defended him against this latest attack, while not defending the governors foreign or monetary policies.

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A good news cop story for a change, (Just for you, Michael Nystrom!)

I was out enjoying my newly restored 2nd Amendment this weekend with several B0eing co-workers. I got to the gravel pit on the Swinomish Indian Res a bit late, because I had difficulty finding it. A coworker of mine owns it, or something, and had us sign a waiver form in order to shoot. I was having a great time, but it was time to go.

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My 2nd Amendment is Restored, (well, mostly...)

Today was a very profound day in my life. For several years I have been engaged in an effort to get my civil rights restored, that were once lost by application of law. I'm not going to expound on overly personal details, but about 20 years and 1 month ago I was involved in an incident where someone was seriously harmed. I did my time, and made the best of it while I was in. I paid my debt, including legal financial obligations.

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China's airheaded 'air-defense zone' angers neighbors

I just now stumbled upon this and thought it was pretty funny. A tongue and cheek view of world events, is kinda how I'd describe it. Enjoy!

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The USAF Band Holiday Flash Mob at the National Air and Space Museum 2013

(My apologies if this was already posted. I searched first and didn't see it.)

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! I think many will agree it's nice to see the military do something truly wonderful and beautiful. So often, we only see a lot of bad news.

Merry Christmas, DP!


Edit: See Mike's post below, this was already posted. Sorry folks, but still, I also wanted to say Merry Christmas!

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Bitcoin: What You're Not Being Told


Just posting this cause I have seen a lot of Bitcoin posts lately, and thought you folks might find it interesting. I didn't know that everyone who uses Bitcoin has to download a file of all Bitcoin transactions ever made, and that this file is growing exponentially in size as more people start using Bitcoin.

I don't have any Bitcoins. Not trying to make some statement for or against. I'm still just learning about this. I'm in "wait and see" mode on it.

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Shutdown affected us in ways we did not see


"CHICAGO (AP) — Our food was a little less safe, our workplaces a little more dangerous. The risk of getting sick was a bit higher, our kids' homework tougher to complete.

The federal government shutdown may have seemed like a frustrating squabble in far-off Washington, but it crept into our lives in small, subtle ways — from missed vegetable inspections to inaccessible federal websites.

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Peter Schiff vs. Scott Sumner (new Market Monetarist school?) on Kudlow

Peter Schiff vs. Scott Sumner (new Market Monetarist school?) on Kudlow.

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Study links fracking with methane-contaminated drinking water




Notable quote in the article:

“The methane, ethane and propane data, and new evidence from hydrocarbon and helium isotopes, all suggest that drilling has affected some homeowners’ water,” Jackson wrote.

The article said at the very end: "Jackson’s peer-reviewed study appeared in this week’s edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences."

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I'm referring to the science fiction TV show. I do not have TV, but do have a Netflix subscription and have recently started watching this show.

I have an alarming observation to report. The entire thesis of the show is suspect. It is premised upon a 9/11 style bombing of a building important to the current (2077) "Corporate Government". The criminals escaped during their execution, into the past, from 2077 to 2013, with a cop in pursuit.

The groups name is "Liberate", also painted as "Liber8".

They are for Liberty. Against corporatism. etc.

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Stocks soar-but some wealthy citizens are preparing for the “End of America.” Here’s why...

Stocks soar--but some wealthy citizens are preparing for the “End of America.” Here’s why...


A new one from Porter Stansberry Research. I saw it linked from Comcasts front page actually.

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Restoring your 2nd Amendment

In 1994 I lost my rights by application of law. I did some time, and used that time well, (got some education) so that I would benefit from the experience and reduce my chances of recidivism.

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9-Year-Old Gives Birth ft Anthony Lee & Lawrence Kao

9-Year-Old Gives Birth ft Anthony Lee & Lawrence Kao

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