• Does anyone know if this poll is gameable?

    Both candidates, but especially Kucinich, seem to magically be getting a sudden surge of votes.

    Is this one of those polls in which you can simply and easily clear your cookies, and vote as many times as you want?

  • Kucinich on Guns


    "In the aftermath of the Virginia Tech massacre in Blacksburg, Virginia, Kucinich proposed a plan that he says would address violence in America. Kucinich is currently drafting legislation that includes a ban on the purchase, sale, transfer, or possession of handguns by civilians. The congressman has pushed for gun control, even as a city councilman."

  • Actually...

    Ron Paul officially announced in March 2007. But he formed the exploratory committee to run in January 2007.

  • Or No....

    It looks entirely legit to me:


    Made by the 'Obama Forum' people. Pimps Trey Grayson (opponent of Rand Paul), the democratic opponent for Schiff and Nancy Pelosi (opponent of John Dennis.)

    Yeah, I'm sure there is just a TON of overlap between Trey Grayson and Nancy Pelosi fans. And it's all one big coincidence that they support all the candidates "our" liberty candidates are opposing. Clearly made by a jokester on "our" side.

    The gullible amongst us are getting PUNKED.

  • Wrong Answer

    It's a parody site. To believe what was meant as over the top satire, you'd have to believe:

    1. Grayson gave a speech in which the first thing he talked about was going to war with Iran.

    2. That no one but this fringe website knew of this and said anything of it. No other blogs, mainstream journalists or people with camcorders saw it.

    3. That a guy named "Henry Hussack" exists (hint: a google search of his name only returns this article.)

    4. That a website with a "Trey Grayson forum" that is tantamount to the "Fred Thompson Forum" of Ron Paul's presidential run is legit.

    It's also the same website, as mentioned before, that said a month ago that Grayson is a closet homosexual that had an affair and put out this gem about making Rand Paul look bad on purpose (pretended to be written by that 'crash the tea parties' guy):


    IT'S SATIRE. To be quite frank, anyone who believed it for more than one second needs their head examined.

  • There Are Two Links (One Broken)

    One of which states he is voting 'yes' and the other stating he is to announce the way he is voting Wednesday morning.

  • Judging by the Polling Trends

    Seems she failed pretty miserably.

    Don't forget she was a Grayson supporter too before she supposedly saw the light and joined with Rand Paul.

    She's gone, good riddance, the campaign has already moved on. Looking forward to the next money bomb for Rand Paul too.

    And what "mass exodus of support for Rand" are we talking about anyway?

  • This is Common Sense

    People here complain all the time about the establishment opposing Ron Paul, but in reality that isn't true. They haven't officially backed or funded any of Paul's congressional GOP primary opponents. Not now, nor back in 2006 and 2008 with Sinatra and Peden.

    If Ron Paul was to openly side against an incumbent Republican, than the party would have every right to go after Paul in his primary. Think about it.

  • Because Most "Tea-Partiers" Are Garden Variety Republicans

    And as such, support the two on-going wars.

    Calling Palin a neocon just makes her more popular with them.

  • I Really Love This

    The irony in this is that he sent this press release out all of TWO WHOLE DAYS after sending out a fundraising e-mail asking for more money because "my opponent" has "raised nearly two million dolalls" to "smear me."

  • Wow

    Gotta love the "no countries/no borders" crowd. People like them make me glad I've never voted Libertarian for anything.

  • At Least Then

    The lobbyists would have to try and bribe some new people every six years. Right now they get one and he/she is theirs for twenty years.

    No one, yes including Ron Paul, is so special they need to stay in Congress for thirty frickin' years. No one is that irreplaceable. Like with Bloomberg in New York City getting the term limits law repealed just for him because he was the "only one who could keep New York going forward."

  • RandPaulGraphs

    Is an hour fast because it didn't recently "fall back" an hour for daylight savings time.

  • I've Had Mexican Coke

    And honestly, I prefer the American version.

  • Predictions?

    I'm having mood swings on this money bomb, one second thinking it's going to raise $300,000+ and the other thinking it's going to raised like $50,000.

    Anything at or above $250,000 would make me happy.

  • RedState's Owner...

    Has liked Rand Paul for months; because he's not an establishment stooge like Grayson.

  • If Only RedState

    Would promote tomorrow's Rand Paul money bomb, that'd be something else.

  • "Let the creme of the crop rise"

    Isn't that what is already happening? People are donating to Rand Paul and Peter Schiff because they want to donate to candidates who espouse most of our views and can win.

    Primary challenges to incumbents and running as a non-republican/democrat are non-starters. That's not a knock, just the reality of the real world.

    You point out Ron Paul; but he proves the opposite point. All the money he raised in the fourth quarter of 2007 couldn't hide the fact that his foreign policy was/is out-of-step with the republican primary-voting base that is overwhelmingly infested with neocons. Paul got 6% of the GOP primary vote and 2% of the overall presidential primary vote in 2008.

  • Bump

    We're up 120 pledges in the past day without this e-mail or the Facebook mentioning the pledge website.

    I think that is a good sign.

  • Yeah

    Since neither the e-mail nor the Facebook posting specifically mention RandsTeaParty.com; I don't think we'll see a huge rise in pledges. Hopefully though it will significantly help with the money raised.