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Chairman Paul - Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology Sub-committee

If the Republicans re-take the house in November 2010, will the leadership grant the Chairmanship of the Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology to Ron Paul?

Other than torment Mel Watt, what would Chairmanship allow Ron Paul to do that he currently can’t? Can he make the Fed Chief testify all day twice a year or subpoena documents that he currently can’t?

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Wendell Berry - Rand Paul - Mountaintop Removal & NAIS

Wendell Berry's deeply conservative writings on the importance of place, on ecological awareness, on decentralized knowledge of specific farming practices for specific places (think Hayek), on resisting the National Animal Identification Act, on the abomination that is mountaintop removal mining are persuasive, cogent and inspiring. Have a look at a couple of Wendell Berry videos:



Has Rand Paul commented on Wendell Berry (of Kentucky) or mountaintop removal mining?