• One wishes "None of the

    One wishes "None of the Above" was an option on these elections.

    Obama seems to be getting a lot of uncommitteds in those Dem primaries where that is an option.

  • Write-In? Makes no sense

    Write-in votes don't count unless the candidate is registered with the FEC as a write-in. And Ron Paul doesn't plan on doing that.

    For me, Gary Johnson (L) is the most logical choice for those committed to liberty this time around.

  • PBlumel is right

    I agree with this guy wholeheartedly.

  • Keep the big picture in mind

    I'm not sure how possibly differing accounts of a chaotic state convention are relevant to the entire larger story that is being told of the man and the movement for liberty. A parking lot skirmish does not affect our struggle to fight bad ideas and to emphasize how important liberty is. However, I can understand the frustration over what happened there and how our people were treated by the establishment.

  • Your comments are rather

    Your comments are rather uninformed, Queen. Your comments about Doherty sound just like a typical leftist or neocon dismissal of Ron Paul without knowing anything about him. I would invite you to read some of Doherty's tireless coverage of the RP on reason.com

  • This is another reason why I like his dad better.

    The remark itself is kind of funny, but Rand's other comments show he is kissing up to the Christian Coalition types. I seriously doubt he believes or cares about that very much himself.

    Ron does not do that.

  • The non-statist abbreviation is Mass.

    The Federales use USPS abbreviations. I propose we use traditional abbreviations for states such as Mass., Fla. and Tex..

    That is all. Carry on.

    Love the banner!

  • Diaries and boxes

    X number of households have a Nielsen box or "set meter" as well as diaries, and ratings are extrapolated from those viewers' viewing habits. This now includes TiVo viewing.

  • Let's be civil

    They lately have had nice words about each other. Probably best to stay civil as RP does.

  • Nominee of multiple parties?

    Can he simultaneously be the nominee of the LP, CP, and an independent? I should know this...

  • RP's being unfairly attacked for the question itself

    and the yahoos who yelled out "Yeah!", not his excellent if incomplete answer.

    Also Roseanne Barr, not exactly the greatest historian on 20th century European history, called RP a "fascist" and a "Nazi" on her twitter - again, because of the question asked, not his answer (not even considering the fact that health care and the state were one in Nazi Germany).

    The collusion of the State and Big Medicine has made health care (and insurance) so expensive.

  • Hilarious!

    Love the music and animation spliced with live action. Well done!

  • Calif. or Cal. but not CA please!

    I wish people in the freedom movement would stop using Federal Postal abbreviations and use the traditional, correct abbreviations. eg Fla. not FL, Tex. not TX, Mass. not MA et cetera.

    Not a biggie but remember, the two-letter capital codes are the statist abbreviation!

  • Rosanne Barr

    Thinks Ron Paul is a "fascist" because of his answer.


    I guess anyone who does not view the Federal government as the ultimate guarantor of your life must be a fascist.

  • Interesting article? Oh really, now?

    You're linking to an article that says: "Loughner Is a Jewish Satan Worshipper" This is somehow "interesting"? Maybe, if you're doing a study on the fringes of belief of utter nutbaggery. Not a big step from Loughner's own incoherent, ridiculous beliefs. What place does this utter garbage have on a Ron Paul website?

    I have been involved with the liberty movement for about 20 years and have been a supporter and fan of Ron Paul for most of that time. It just sickens me to see BS like this posted here.

    Tom Walls

  • Pro-Israel, Anti-Aid

    They are our friend and ally. I'm all for recognizing that as long as we stop giving them (and everyone else) taxpayer-funded aid.

  • For God's Sake, pick something substantive to whine about

    It sounds as if Kentucky Right To Life has a huge stick up their rear end. One question was left blank? BFD!

    In my opinion, Rand Paul is too accommodating to these people. The Federal government should not legislate abortion, period (it should definitely not fund it). If you believe it is murder, then it should be handled on a state level, just as murder is.

  • No problem with Rand here!

    I admire your intellectual honesty and capacity for open reflection, Mr. Messamore!

    I really don't have a big problem with trial and disposition of suspected terrorists at Gitmo. I know there are different ways of approaching this, and Rand's position does not present a problem for me like it does for the handful of catcallers here -- let me point out there are only about 200 detainees remaining at Gitmo. Hundreds have been released already - including those found to have been merely incidental combatants.

    In contrast, there are about 95,000 people in Federal prisons just for drug offenses; the relative magnitude is glaringly obvious. I see _that_ as more problematic to our liberties than the existence of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility.

    To call Rand a neocon over the Grayson-Gitmo flap, like some have, is just silly. Good people can differ on this. Go Rand go!

    In Liberty,

    Tom Walls