• American Silver Eagles

    I know someone who inherited about 10,000 in silver American eagles and 50,000 in Gold American Eagles. They are going to sell them for 2% less than spot(because that is what they will be charged to send it off and have it melted). I plan on buying a few thousand worth but what do you all believe the outlook is for silver and gold? I'm feeling I should be buying more but am hesitant. I noticed that some years of the Silver American Eagle sell for over $10-15 above spot. Just wanted your opinions. Thanks.

  • Interest Rates???

    Couldn't this be connected to interest rates? The Fed is going to raise interests rates at some point. Probably not to far off; it has already been mentioned for next year of an increase. Once that occurs the dollar will gain some value back, probably not enough but you would see commodities drop. Right??? I'm all about buying silver but feel that no one is looking at the big picture. I believe DPers are way ahead of everyone else, what do you think?

  • It's real.

    I live in Missouri, he was a member of the cop block...or something like that. From what I've read...he was set up and shot. It's the cops testimony vs his. I did hear that he had his cell phone on and recorded the incidented.

  • We have started a battle in our county...

    and I'm sure this same thing is going on in other counties. To give up now would be absurd.

  • Why would we let this stop us?

    This is our moment people...It hasn't been the RP campaign getting delegates, it is you and I! I think this may be doctor Paul handing it over to us...he is old and tired you have to respect that. With the GOP thinking where down and out will make us a bigger threat if we show up to make a difference. Who knows what kind of threats have been given to his campaign know let's finish this and show them. The GOP thinks they just cut the head off the snake but guess what we are going to grow back two more. The GOP doesn't want us in and we will make more of an impact if we don't go away. Look at Iowa they have that state know if we jump shift then all that hard work is down the drain. I'm upset with what's going on but I think there is more to it and we won't know till Tampa.
    Live Free or Die!!!

  • Paul Curtman!

    He is a young Ron Paul! Check him out...he opened for Ron Paul at Lindenwood last weekend.

  • Not sure yet.

    They had a couple on Wedensday. We have ours in the morning for Jefferson County and it looks like RP supporters are going to pack the house. i've already had five phone calls in the last day from campaign head quarters checking on delegates. We've been meeting for over a month now and some people have put a lot of time into this...this will feel like a huge victory after tomorrow. In 2007 we were belittled and beaten and now we have tripled in size, like we said we would. We never stopped believing in the message of freedom and will show it tomorrow.

  • MO caucus

    I just received a message that a few caucus's that started Weds. bound their delegates to the primary and if that occurred Missouri would lose half of it's delegates.

  • It's too early to say who has the delegates

    They are just giving results of a straw poll...they want you to tnink that it's over. It's far from over! I've had this talk with alot of people recently, we need to put something out so RP supporters understand the process. We don't need to get all Debbie Downer on our situation. We are doing a great job, and I'm proud of my fellow RP supporters. Hang tough we will come out strong. Our voice will be heard...just not until we do the congressional districts and State conventions later on. We need to focus on a strong finish in the caucuses. I live in Missouri and we will have ours March 17th. We elect slates of delegates to go to congressional who will elect delegates for state and then they will be elected to the National Convention.

  • It's too bad

    We have to give these a@@ clowns interviews. I've heard her make alot of derogatory statements on the radio and can't stand her.

  • Your right

    They are coming out strong because in 2008 nobody knew of caucuses. At least not from MO. Now the status quo is trying to get all republicans involved to combat RP supporters.

  • They challenged delegates

    After they sent letters chanllenging the delegates many of them didn't show up to the state and they kept their majority.

  • Deasha Voo

    I was shocked when i seen this because I was thinking about making a video at home saying "I am Ron Paul" Great video!

  • Ron Paul Missouri visit

    How about the St. Patricks Dog Town Parade. We could have floats made and he could be in a convertable on the parade route.

  • Graney don't deserve the time

    Graney don't deserve the time of day! He just wants to try to smear Dr. Paul by twisting his views in a debate. They tried to do the same in the debates over his stance not going into Iraq and he came out on top against New York's Giuliani. He know's that Ron Paul has gained and is further gaining the support of the people and the republican party.