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Roman Empire Slaughtered by Their Own Paid Assassins. Professional protectors Demanded Their Pensions.

Securing police pensions... in the time limit set by Rome... 20 years.
Using force, or just the threat of force... to secure pensions is common... Enforcers routinely back up their requests with their force.

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To Your Health & Wealth, Cheers! 200 Years & 200 Countries Shown in 4 Minutes!

Hans Rosling's 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes - The Joy of Statistics (on Health & Wealth) -Visualized.

Abstract: Animated statistical chart of life expectancy & wealth over 200 year for 200 countries. 4 minute documentary film. Broadcast of BBC, 2010. By Hans Rosling, Professor of International Health, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.

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Wishing you the best w/ peace on Earth & Halley's Comet! Protest songs over the decades.

Which Side Are You On? - Almanac Singers 2 minutes.

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Comet ISON leaves gravitational pull of our Sun... less wit as it goes.

Comet ISON, fading fast. This was the state of the comet on Nov. 30 at 20:42 UTC (3:42 p.m. EST): barely visible. 1 minute video & brief report of the affair included bout what is left of the comet after its entangling alliance with our Sun.

Faint comet ISON tail (shown at arrow mark upper left). See video & report for details.

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A Monetary Tale: Request for bid. See Mark Twain @ DailyPaul

It might seem to you all that having "legal tender" printed up & distributed to its rightful owners ought to be put out to bid. The century old franchise taken up by the monolithic Federal Reserve System has gone long on its fangs (teeth). Old blood... Antiquated... From my perspective, an oddity over-staying its welcome.

Monetary value should represent actual value. Elastic measuring mythology is a poor substitute. Near worthless... Read the first sentence in the Federal Reserve Act, 1913. A stretch (something about Elastic Currney). "Follow Your Money." DTCC clears most payments. $2 quadrillion each year. Mark Twain, 2013

Need a deep scrub & clean? Boxax ™ 20 Mule Team clean?

Create a new monetary system (real money; no monopoly)? Help Wanted: 1. Justice & 2. Monetary System.

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NSA learns of a tip from poor English woman. Queen of England not amused.

http://youtu.be/xXSyQVWz_A8 Horrible Histories: Tudor Laws. Circa Elizabeth I England, circa 1600. 1 minute historical documentary (in jest there is truth).

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"Arrest this man! ... Gold or Silver may only be worn by Barrons..". - The Queen of England

Horrible Histories: Strange English Tudor Royalty Laws"> 2 minute film. Elizabethan English horror film, circa 1600 (no blood shown; mature theme).

DailyPaul Metals Thread Keep digging, mate. A mite deeper.

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NSA Advertisement ~ Operators are watching.

http://youtu.be/WtJ29UoedkM NSA Public Service Announcement Commercial. 2013.

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NSA declassifies itself up to 1994 (pictures & hardware): "Top Secret" now free.

2 minutes take you back to where you where when! Relive your past, courtesy of the NSA.

NSA Goes Mobile (circa 1948). Where were you? Ask the NSA? Better yet, let them show you! Here you are. Get your "Top Secret" information free (now that it is released as "Top Secret".

National Security Agency. The NSA’s early years: Exposed!

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"I trust the Internet more than the Mainstream Media." Ron Paul, 2007

http://youtu.be/tqN9IVhjr9A 1 thousand views. 11 minutes. Ron Paul interviewed by Layla Kayleigh from G4 on November 30, 2007. Here is a wonderful, informative interview allowing Ron Paul to answer meaningful, open questions while at ease.

  • Start: How & why did you decide to run for President?
  • Finish: Is there any country that you admire for their social & political values?

Take a moment to watch & listen to Ron Paul state his positions clearly & concisely, while the host listens.

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Hello NSA. Hello National Security Agency? Rand Paul cameo.

http://youtu.be/qOSIl1f99GU Hello NSA. Rand Paul cameo appearance @ 1:20 minute mark. 2 minute film reel. Dark cloud humor?

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Drone Bird Developed by Army Attacked by Real Bird

http://youtu.be/mjOWpwbnmTw A bird drone created by the U.S. Army is being touted as a device that could be used in wartime scenarios, according to recent reports. The Robo-Raven drone apparently fools real birds and has even been attacked by a hawk.

The Robo-Raven has a wingspan of 34.3 centimeters and is light–weighing around 9.7 grams, according to the Daily Mail, citing the Army Research Laboratory.

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Immediate Government Downsize: Air Force 1 Prototype Test Complete.


Air Force 1 Downsized.
Eliminated all unnecessary staff.